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Wellness for little ones

The bath, the weak indulgence, is already enjoyed by the newborns. Make sure our movements are delicate, caressing, yet determined. Safety first!

Carefully stroke the baby's skin

7 surprising facts about baby skin

1. Baby skin is five times thinner than adults, so special care deserves.2. Gradually you get used to the stimuli of the world during the first year. In the meantime, it develops a lot and becomes more resistant to light, cold, and cold. It takes time to complete all your tasks. In the meantime, it needs to be protected.3. The sebaceous glands still do not function perfectly, and neonatal skin is not protected by fat. Therefore, it is easy to dry, it looks like tile pots, cracked.4. Infant skin does not produce melanin. This skin color protects you from stopping, and without it, the little ones can never be exposed to direct sunlight - not even. Before the age of one, tanning boots do not recommend the use of sunblock because some of the ingredients can be absorbed through extremely thin skin.5. The sweat glands are resting for a while. Sweat cools the body, so the body's internal health function. This system only develops gradually, by the age of three. In the meantime, on your back, make sure your baby is catching up. If it is damp, warm, remove the layer.6. Newborn skin is not protected by acidic sheath. For the first six weeks, the baby's skin is neutral chemically, harmless against bacteria and fungi. It is only then that the skin's surface acidic film protects against invaders.7. The cells of the epithelium still do not form a close cell. The cells of the skin are attached to each other in just months, while the baby's skin is slightly sieve-like. It is relatively easy to permeate in paint and whitening materials and detergent rinse aids. THE natural textile raw materials (With Eco-Tex trademark) certainly does not contain any harmful substances. Wash your baby's clothes at least once before using for the first time. Do not use rinse aid!

7 tips for skin care

1. Caress is the most lovely skin care for your baby. It stimulates the skin's blood supply and increases its resistance. Touching our warm hands, skin contact triggers the production of happiness hormones - both in the baby and in the mother.2. One bath a week is enough. Prolonged soaking costs the skin, we would rather shower, or wash the baby with wash gloves.3. Water, oil, milk - all you need to make the best baby skin better than the delicate baby skin. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the bath water, add a small glass of milk. That way we can protect it from being aired.4. Shampoo is not necessary for hair washing, clean water is sufficient.5. Lightly soak the water in the skin. Powerful rubbing can damage the low to low light.6. Cream and body lotions are only needed for the skin that is visibly dry. Oil is not suitable for this purpose because it does not penetrate the skin so it can be drained. Apply reddish butt with cream, but only with blots. THE too many creams the diaper is lubricated with a damp moisture capacity.7. Naked is the best baby! It's pleasantly warm, fresh air stimulates cell growth, makes the skin more resilient. Especially, the diaper is good for skin covered with diapers.

8 tips for baby baths

1. After bathing, wrap the baby in a delicate, soft bath sheet. The heat of the little ones is still undeveloped and the moist skin surface soon cools down.2. Clean the bends with an oil-based cloth before bathing. After bathing, lightly soak up water from the skin, vigorous rubbing destroys the lower still weak skin.3. Let's get started with the things you need for bath and body care. The ideal temperature for the bathwater is 37 degrees Celsius. By the time the baby is undressed, the water drained may become cold. Boil warm water in a jug so that you can bring it back if needed. Gently massage the scalp with a soft brush, which stimulates blood circulation and prevents the formation of cosmos.4. Apply dry skin to creams or lotions free of additives (fragrance, preservative). Cover the area directly with the cold air with greasy cream.5. In the bathtub, the newborns do not feel so lost. The narrow space, the warm water reminds you of happy fetal findings хket. It also soothes stomach dolls if they can shrink into their favorite postures.6. Belly or back? As baby and mom are more comfortable! One hand holds the head, the upper body, and underneath it holds the other hand free to wash.7. Wet wash gloves are also perfect for cleaning.8. We cut the teeth with rounded edges - straight on the feet, on the hands. THE long carpets they can tear up, mourn the crappy baby. Do this little work while the little one is sleeping. Also read these:
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