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Children who are not sleeping well can get older faster

A new research has found another reason for children to prioritize something more in time - it contributes to a longer life.

Children who are not getting enough sleep can grow older (Source: iStock) According to a study in The Journal of Pediatrics, which looked at over 1,500 9-year-olds who were born between 1998 and 2000, they grew faster at the cellular level. Children who sleep less have shorter telomeres - these are the ends of the chromosomal DNA. Shorter telomeres produce faster aging of cells. According to the researchers, the relaxation of sleep with each urn produces 1.5% shorter telomeres in children. The researchers noted that the current study is consistent with the fact that due to the low risk of sleep, egйszsйgromlбsnak. So, less sleep at night can potentially put your child at risk of developing different health complaints than heart disease, cancer or cancer later in life. Satisfying night sleep also helps the child to concentrate, in addition, children will be less anxious and less likely to develop behavioral problems. (VIA)Related links: