Greenery makes you happier

According to a British survey, children who eat green peanuts and fruit daily are the happiest.

According to the study, 37 percent of the boys were engaged in sporting activities on a daily basis, compared to just 22 percent of the girls. Teenagers were more likely to opt for junk and junk food, and were found to be less happier than their younger counterparts. In fact, according to a recent research report, which took 10-15 year-olds to death, it became clear that those who eat better are twice as likely to be happy.

More than 85 percent of the 5,000 children asked said they did not eat the recommended daily dose of greens and fruits, but yes, they doubled their chances of good health. Gender and age have proven to be key factors, as older people tend to be less anxious and girls are more likely to eat healthily.
"The older ones had more of an insertion into their own diets, so they were more likely to choose unhealthy teeth," he said. Cara Booker, a specialist at the University of Essex. During the test 20 questions were raised about the happiness of the participants. Some of them asked how children came out with their peers, whether they were open to them, or whether they were feeling anxious or angry.
Eating five times a day green or fruit was the happiest, even though they were only two or two servings out of 20 percent more likely to feel good. "Teenagers were less happy, but smaller ones were more confronted with social and emotional problems because they had less developed social worlds," added Dr. Booker.
Alcohol and smoking also played a role, with a quarter of respondents reporting having drunk in the previous week and 7 percent smoking cigarettes. Smokers had five times less chance of happiness, and alcoholic beverages also had a lower chance.