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Why do the same twins differ?

Until now, it was so simple to say, "Crazy disease, crazy eyes." We now know that the appearance of properties is greatly influenced by the environment.

The same twins share the same genome, but that's all. There are a number of hair differences in their personality, appearance, behavior and their tendency to become ill. How can this be?

Why do twins differ?

The environment is the goose

It all depends on how the so-called epigenome is altered by its environment - the Garvan Medical Research Institute in Sydney and the 128th Annual Medical Research Institute of Queensland.
It all depends on exactly how each part of the genome is affected by methylation, that is, the binding of hydrocarbon molecules, which literally changes the sound of the genome, silencing certain genes and voicing others online. Dr. Marcel Coolen йs Susan Clark professor focused on the methylation of one group of genes whose members regulate growth during early development. The same twins showed differences in the methylation profile of these genes. Probably these are the changes that explain the differences between identical twin pairs.
Susan Clark said as we researched the role genetics play in defining environmental effects. The results show that changes in methylation reflect the environmental effects and genetics. It turned out that the methylation samples are exclusively hereditary, and therefore the identical twins are very similar to the methylation samples. This suggests that the DNA sequence regulates the methylation pattern. However, when this methylation pattern changes, it can make potential changes in the phenotype, that is, who we are.
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