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Causes and treatment of inflammation

It is most common in infants and toddlers because the nasopharynx, which connects the nose to the ear, is much shorter than in older children or adults, so it is easy for infants.

The inflammation comes with great pain

Fuck it!

The disease starts with weeks, the infection spreads from here to the upper ear.In case of need, nasal swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose should be secured and the nasal passages should be frequently aspirated. If the crowds multiply in the middle, it will stretch the tympanic membrane and cause pain. Symptoms usually start at night: the little child throws his head, heels, he bites his ears, feverish, sometimes vomiting. Breastfeeding increases the pain in the ear, so you can stop drinking the baby after a sip.All should seek medical attention. Initially, the nose drops may be sufficient so that the passes can be re-transparent and the voters may pass through the nose. If the inflammation has developed, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers for fever and intense pain. Do not stop giving medication when the symptoms are initially relieved, killing all bacteria for the entire duration. The doctor may open the tympanic membrane, so that the pus behind it burns to the outside - this will bring immediate relief. Warming the ear may relieve pain, but treating the symptom is not a substitute for medical examination and antibiotics. Frequent recurring central inflammation the possibility of removing regularly swollen nasal tonsils, making the old ones more transparent. In acidic mild inflammation, the accumulated voices in the tympanic cortex steadily cause no painful symptoms, fever, but the child does not hear well.

When should we turn to Flix-nose?

If you frequently visit your baby, we may become aware of the symptoms that cause the pediatrician to refer us to his colleague's ear-nose collage. It is certainly justified to turn directly to the ear-nose tackle, if the baby is suddenly unheard of hearing, we must repeatedly approach him. Stuttering or creep, although thought to be a young adult (during adolescence, these problems can be considered age-specific, which develops in the course of development). the nose does not breathe. These symptoms are most often due to enlargement of the nasal tonsil. By eliminating, the facial and nasal passages open up, and in most cases the problems are eliminated. Nasal tonsils are common nowadays, but the pharynx is only taken out in the last resort, as they have an important protective function.

Need to filter?

Diarrhea is a dreaded childhood disease - with incredible pain and deafness. There are countless alternatives to relieving herbal medicine, while dozens of frustrations bother starting moms. However, the ear usually does not cause permanent damage, and the proper treatment of the ear is not painful! - Not all ear inflammations should be screened! - confirm Dr. Csaba Réti, Chief Medical Officer of the Hungarian Reformed Church Bethesda Children's Hospital Fül-Orr-Gheorgheni. - But under certain conditions, it should not be neglected. If you have pus in the middle of the body and have a flabby, restless, vomiting-like condition, then neither the doctor nor the parent will benefit if you let the child suffer. Young children coming into the community were particularly at risk. The consequence of otitis media is the drip infection: the simple nettle rests on the eye and causes severe inflammation. Children can catch the virus in a cry, holy, or even a breath - which spreads very quickly in a closed community.The small anatomical equipment also helps in the rapid spread of infection short and long is the caseso the virus doesn't have to make the big trip to get to the center. And because of their relatively larger nasal tonsils, their nasal ventilation is weaker, allowing viruses to multiply quickly in warm, moist conditions. Wandering is especially endangered because their immune systems are much weaker than school.

Can be prevented!

If you know that your child has a tendency to diabetes, you should treat simple nose with frequent nasal discharge. In addition, a nasal drop should prevent the generous formation of voters. And, of course, the most important thing is that you should not let the child get together until it is asymptomatic. This can take up to several months. Personal experience: My first child became ill eleven times in the winter when he went to worship. The ear had to be wiped twice - he remembers dr. Csaba Réti. "That's why my wife and I have promised that if you give birth to your little brother, we'll tear off our clothes because of poverty, but let's just wait until she's kindergarten to let her go." We didn't have such a problem with him.

When not to filter?

Many people take children for fear of ill-health during childhood, although painful treatments can be avoided in the event of a quickly discovered problem. For example, infants with their first inflammation should be treated first with an antibiotic, and if they have an improved tummy tuck after two to three days, then there is no need to filter. But in this case, you need to be constantly monitored to prevent inflammation of the pus in the tympanic cavity. . If the pus has accumulated in the middle, the baby's pain immediately disappears and the child is relieved of order. THE good time filtering prevents relapses and heals sooner.

Would you rather break out?

- There are twenty to twenty children coming to me every day, but only two or three times do I need to take my hand. It is not true that the self-drumming drummer heals better. The doctor carries out only a small incision on the tympanic membrane, helping the electorate clear. The discontinuous tympanic membrane is more difficult to heal, often has a hole left behind, and the worst part is, due to the transient inflammation, the inflammation like that Filters without pain relief into the child's ear. There are also places where they give you pain-relieving drops but don't wait for them to work properly. Needless to say, in all cases, the child is in severe pain and with some serious trauma. The effect of good and professional anesthesia is that the relief of the ear is less painful than that of the inflammatory stomach.In addition to a local anesthetic, it is possible to give a pill. This is to ensure that the doctor will not distract the head when dry. It takes ten to fifteen minutes for the drugs to take effect - in less time, the pain-relieving effect is not enough! If necessary, it is possible to anesthetize the little one - but since this intervention can result in serious events, it is better to avoid it - says dr. Csaba Réti.

Home remedies

There are a few home remedies available for medical treatment supplements, acceleration of healing, and pain relief.
- If you are home infralбmpбnk, put the kid on fire for ten minutes. Set the lamp so that the radius of the bulb is the sign of the bullet. Check the temperature with your hands, do not be too hot! Let's live and talk, and check out the picture books together! We can repeat it several times a day. Do not leave the monitor unattended in front of the lamp! warm wraps are also effective. The easiest thing to do is to put a filter chamomile tea in the water, place the squeezed pouch on the side of the pan after cooling to the correct temperature, then stick it with foil and then salt. You can "refresh" the bag more than once in the reheated cooker.- Provides longer warmth burgonyapakolбs. We cook a large potato in its shell, fold it, then spread it over a folded textile diaper, which we fold once more so that the cloth covers the dust. Check that it has cooled down sufficiently, then place it on the beanie and stick it on the bar. You can reheat the potato wrap in the microwave for two days without having to remove it from the diaper.- warm-up cap. Choose the right size so that the pockets just fit on the side. The nature bags should be heated in warm water and placed in the pockets. It is very easy to use and is suitable for street wear. Many people treat all types of heartburn immediately with warming, although this is not always good. If your child does not feel better within two to three minutes of warming up and even complains of an increase in pain, he should stop immediately. The melegнtйs just suddenly fьlfбjбs esetйn be useful, or you have already бtszakadt dobhбrtya gyуgyulбsбt segнtheti.A fьlcseppeket also йrdemes kerьlni - kцvirуzsa to extract all the йrzйstelenнtх fьlcsepp felбztatjбk the dobhбrtyбt, csцkkentik the feszьlйsйt, tehбt lбtszуlag hasznбlnak since the csцkken fбjdalom. But let's face it: this does not eliminate the cause, it just obscures the symptoms, provokes healing.If the child complains of severe pain and it is worth it painkillers containing paracetamolt give. Ear-nasal spray may give pain-relieving syrup containing diclofenac. Let's not forget, too, that the best remedy is personal attention, exclusive attention to the child. Mesйljьnk him Fьlesrхl the fьlfбjуs manуrуl, gyыjtsьnk цssze a йrdekes cipхsdobozba but veszйlytelen tбrgyakat (pйldбul kimustrбlt zsebrбdiуt, rйg forgotten jбtйkokat, bigger ones fagyцngyцket йs cipхfыzхt nyaklбnckйszнtйshez), which lekцtik figyelmйt and egyьtt which can be prone to foglalatoskodni.- fьlfбjбsra kicsinйl kьlцnцsen adults pay attention to not to go outside without a cap - and the cap only protects the outer ears from cooling down, not the middle inflammation, which is a disease that is spread by drip infection. An important point to make is how the child feels in the cap. If you do not need it, do not force it on your head.- Some people who are afraid of the power of the nasal powders are afraid that the excessive heart will damage the small internal organs. You do not need to be afraid of such a good insert. And use it as often as you need a thorough nose.

Füles tips

- The cause of the bulge is one a foreign body trapped there You may also need to seek medical attention as soon as possible in case of pain or anxiety. In such cases, of course, the child will not have a fever, but his complaints should be taken seriously. Let's take our drink, storybook, simple little games with us. For a sick child, it is a terrible discomfort for having an empty blood. Swallowing can cause pain.

Poplar troubles

Unfortunately, the problems are not going away with the advent of spring. Swimming pools and then open-water baths can cause serious headaches for children and adults alike. Neither swimming pools nor natural waters are antifungal, and may contain different bacteria. During the summer, water germs proliferate better as the water warms up. Drinking water from the water can cause diarrhea, inflammation of the water sucked into the nose, but it can also infect the nasopharynx, which eventually leads to diarrhea. kьlsхhallуjбrat-gyulladбs the most common. The cause is the cracking or burning of the skin of the eardrum. On the sore surface, there are two pathogens that can get into the skin of the cataract, causing itchy sensation first and then aching. The condition can also be accompanied by a blockage and reaction (overflow). allergic inflammation, eczema develops. This alone does not cause more serious complaints. But if this time the beach water gets into the ear, it can over-infect the other inflamed skin, and so the eardrum develops. It is important that the patient does not drink water for at least one week. The simplest way to prevent this is to make sure that your ears are not crippled: you do not lick anything: little fingers, matchsticks, cotton swabs. Be careful not to leave any shampoo or bath detergent on it. Those who are prone to this disease or go to the swimming pool very often can make themselves unique, a size-shaped cap, commercially known as swimming pool inserts. Some hearing aids have the ability to do this. This device fits perfectly into the child's ear and is made of silicone. As your child grows, you need to make a big deal about every two years. The plug plugs in the sound, not the water, so it protects the luminous surface from light. However, you will not be killed by the bacteria in the swimming pool as they can get through the oral nasal passages.

When should we turn to Flix-nose?

If you frequently visit your baby, we may become aware of the symptoms that cause the pediatrician to refer us to his colleague's ear-nose collage. It is certainly justified to turn directly to the ear-nose tackle, if the baby is suddenly unheard of hearing, we must repeatedly approach him. Stutter or shrew, though he has died as a young man (during his teens, these problems can be considered as age-specific features that are settled in the line of development).Often the ears flow, often have otitis media, long-lasting cold sores, sore throat, a lot of cough, keep your mouth open because your nose does not breathe. These symptoms are most often due to enlargement of the nasal tonsil. By eliminating, the facial and nasal passages open up, and in most cases the problems are eliminated. Nasal tonsils are common nowadays, but the pharynx is only taken out in the last resort, as they have an important protective function.You may also be interested in these articles:
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