This year, two kids are getting more

Only beneficiary dependents can qualify for the benefit from one year to the next, so can children who are in need of family fun.

Monthly Family tax deduction for two children rises to 40 thousand HUF 2019. This means that there is a total of 266,660 fortified credits that can be applied to the contribution fund, meaning that not only is your personal income tax (gross salary), but also your income (retirement). Since 2016, the government has increased the family tax subsidy in 4 steps, by HUF 5,000 a year, in 2015 this sum was only HUF 20,000. Many do not know that you do not have to wait for a second child to claim the benefit, because with the certificate you just ask, you second pregnancy from day 91 can be claimed. Not only the parents who receive the family ticket can apply for the discount. Beyond this, it is possible to divide the rate in a statement.Enter the Calculation Here With the help of the NAV discount calculator, you can calculate how you can save on the family tax credit.