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A new fairy tale opened in Hungary

A witch's fairy tale was opened in the forests of the Koprrol highlands of Sopron. Well worth a try!

New fairy tale opened in Hungary (photo: Griechisch Tamбs / sopronmydia)Mйg spring nyнlt in Sopron boszorkбnyos meseцsvйny but mйg the school elхtt or you have already a pleasant хszi hйtvйgйn also йrdemes kiprуbбlni.A Sopron alakнtottбk the meseцsvйnyt kцrцlvevх erdхben that children megismerhessйk better kцrnyezetьket.A meseцsvйny a theme derived from the local legendбkbуl tбplбlkozу mesйbхl . With a 900-meter fairy tale of eight states, kids can trace local legends and witchcraft stories with the help of a map, and earn a stamp on each of them. Бbrahбm Zsuzsanna Designed by a nursery school teacher, the story of the Witches' Legend of the Goat Creek gave the basic idea. The purpose of the уvуpedagуgus was to get the children to know not only the best known customs but also the local legends.