May indicate ailment if you blush your face after eating!

Wines, champagne, cheeses, juicy chocolates and chocolates are just a few of the foods that are high in histamine.

May indicate ailment if you blush your face after eating!If our body is unable to break it down properly, we may experience a wide variety of symptoms, including flushing and overheating. About the treatment of histamine intolerance dr. Krisztina Sбrdi, a gastroenterologist, was consulted by the Buda Allergy Center.

Intricate detection of the causes of flushing and warming

Histamine intolerance can cause szerteбgazу tьneteket so that the йrintettek often tцbb szakrendelйst also vйgig jбrnak, and the problйmбjukra fйny derьl.Arcpirulбs due йs kimelegedйs, szerы-menopausal complaints - histamine intolerance can cause fбjdalmas, erхs menstruбciуs gцrcsцket well - nхgyуgyбszhoz fordulnak.Ha orrviszketйs , nasal congestion, runny nose, then nasal congestion or allergolysis.
They have a cardiovascular problem due to low blood pressure and fast heart rate.

The Fastest Diagnosis for Gastrointestinal Symptoms

If patients develop flushing and warming, they may have stomach, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation, and they quickly turn to gastroenterology. If other symptoms confirm the suspicion, the investigation may, with the exception of diseases causing similar symptoms, begin to target histamine intolerance.

What causes flushing?

Symptoms of histamine intolerance are produced in the body, reduced production of the histamine degrading enzyme diamino oxidase (DAO), or decreased activity. Йrtйkйt vйrvizsgбlattal be meghatбrozni.A DAO enzyme csцkkenйse bekцvetkezhet allergiбk, glutйnйrzйkenysйg or kontaminбlt vйkonybйl due szindrуma but may cause histamine felszabadulбsбt segнtх or DAO enzyme mыkцdйsйt gбtlу gyуgyszerek (eg. Antibiotics, fбjdalomcsillapнtуk) szedйse or fogyasztбsa йtelek йs beverages.

Avoid these foods to prevent the symptoms!

If the value of the DAO enzyme is low, it is necessary to diet for complaints. In this case, foods high in histamine or foods that increase histamine release in the body should be avoided.Some wines and sparkling wines include certain cheeses, cheese, mussels, canned fish. In addition, tomatoes - especially canned, tomato paste, ketchup - spinach, chicken, pork, beef sausage and ham, especially dried products. All fermented greens and kale products, kernels, chocolates and sauerkraut. Some foods enhance the body's own histamine production and are therefore not recommended in the diet. These include raw egg white, clams, strawberries, tomatoes, fish, chocolate and pineapple. The diet is always tailored to the individual tolerance that certain foods need to be completely excluded or reduced before consumption. If you still want to skip certain meals, occasionally taking a DAO-containing tablet before meals, you can prevent any unpleasant complaints.
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