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Although we did not want to, father became a father!

Barbara's couple insinuates that the escape route has been blocked in her bedroom. So he stayed in the baby room.

On the 7th of July at 4am, I felt my first pain. In the morning, I called the littermate who "commanded" me in an uber-38 degree bath. The bath Zoli he did it for me, we had fun while we talked, but there was no change ... The sleeping in South was nothing, even the night's sleep didn't go away. At 2 o'clock at night I woke Zoli up that currency had to go.In my childbirth room, I was unlucky with my mother-in-law. Kцzben they were constantly examining the extent to which the lamb was stretched. I went to Zoli sometimes because she couldn't come in because she would have needed a green jersey that could only be bought at the shop open at 7 in the morning. My mother ordered me to get to bed at 5 in the morning, saying that I would be better, events could speed up.
At 6 in the morning, the professor came in and examined everyone and said to me that I was over 3 fingers so direction of the living room. The others are still in need. Everyone envied me so much, and just (a few days) shook them up for what. But then I just ran. We invited Zoli to be with me, but just to massage, help me, tell jokes ... They took us to a super room that looked like a hotel room, with a double bed, a massage table, a gym ball, a CD player, docim, and he kept examining. In the meantime, the amniotic fluid ran out and we had to go to a smooth baby room, which wasn't bad either. So it was like 10 hours at that time. I've been feeling very sorry for everything and in between I was told to turn to my right side, wait for 3-4 heads (they came about every 2 minutes) and then to my left side the same way. This was to prevent the child's head from being deformed and really! Meanwhile, Zoli came to my room with me, even though it was arrogant that she was only helping me out of butter ... But the events fluttered (she says she was blocking her escape route!) I started to feel the pussies. I had to work with some kind of aeration technique that I tried to learn and apply, but because I was so tired, I stretched all of my existing muscles, which was a mistake because I made my own position and the baby ... And then a press, too his head was out… Zoli had already seen it… From here on, I could tell she was relieved, because with a last press, the whole kid was out, and at best, her tiny, slim body was finally slipping away. We told Zoli to cut the cord! Outside of poverty all the while I was clinging to his pants, and afterwards I worried a lot if I hadn't hurt it!

Baby is born

Now, the "cease" of the mosque has come, which doesn't hurt at all, but I'm sorry I didn't see it, I wanted to look like this ... Marcikбt, covered with a sheet, it was very sweet! What I never believed, I think of everything now as a good and beautiful condition, though I do a little bit more, and when it comes to the room, -) Maybe it would be lighter ... That's how Marcikán was born on July 8, 2010 at 11.30, with a weight of 3470 g and a height of 56 cm.