Reducing the Pregnancy Diabetes Pregnancy Is A More Moving Reason To Exercise With Pregnancy

Not only did women who exercise regularly during pregnancy not only have lower rates of weight gain, but pregnancy diabetes was also less common. In a nutshell, a new study found, you don't even have to think about a busy gymnast.

Specially recommended during sports pregnancy (to the best of your knowledge)

Pregnancy diabetes is one of the most common events that can occur during pregnancy and can lead to problems such as preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and increased risk of premature birth. besides can have long-lasting effects, the mother and the fetus, among others reduced glucose tolerance, diabetes and obesity.It can have comparative effects if the mothers have more than the recommended amount. testmozgŠ±s reduces it by about 30 percent and the incidence of gestational diabetes, and that of pregnant women who moved all the way through the months of pregnancy, was higher by about 36 percent. An analysis of data from 2,800 women also found that women were also , but only started in the second trimester.How can we exercise safely during pregnancy? Here are some tips!

Tips for exercising during pregnancy

First and foremost, we should consult with our feminine. Even if you were exercising and healthy before your pregnancy, then (with a few forms of exercise) we can move in the same way as before. However, if you have not been active in the past, expectancy is a great opportunity to start some form of exercise. All we do is be careful and progressive, and avoid all sports that include the possibility of rain, losing weight, such as horseback riding, snowboarding, bicycle racing. In fact, during pregnancy, it not only results in the rearrangement of the center of gravity, but also in the production of a hormone that "relaxes" the business, so the risk of losing weight is much greater. This can further reduce the chance of developing injuries, but also prevent you from waking up with muscles and feelings the other day. Drink plenty of water during sports and wear appropriate, comfortable clothing, especially good bras!