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What does a working mother want?

Mothers who have assumed that working mainly with their children are very strong every day. And what are you really trying to do? We will tell.

What does a working mother want?Kelly Exeter A two-year-old mother-in-law unintentionally and quite specifically wrote in the online magazine what a working mother wants. Нme! About 6 months ago, my husband asked me if I thought I could go back to 8 hours (currently working part time from home). First of all, I longed to look into my eyes for a long time, and then confronted me with the following: "This can happen in two cases, dread: 1. If we don't have children OR
2. If you find yourself in need of another wife? The thing is, it's not a new thing, I've tried the 8 ounces, but honestly, as long as we can afford not to have to finish this job, let's finish or, with children under the age of 5, according to a study with 8 + X hours of work 6 extra hours of melasol without pay. That's 30 ounces from Monday to Friday! Which means that an average working mother can easily cope with a full-time job for three weeks. you feel like it. You are kind Mel Gibson, you ask, "What does a woman need?" Listen, I'm listing!

One wife

A wife who does everything for me at home would be great. Unfortunately, a superfluous one also has emotional needs, and after emotional discomfort with my brother and my children, I do not believe that we can be happy with a superfluous one. Even if he really did everything. Not to mention Arrуl, I think it wouldn't be best for me to have a wife next to my brother. I'd rather vote for a female.

A kid

Yes, that would be fantastic! Someone who's cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. Imagine now that your kids' clothes are ironed all the time, folded inside the wardrobes, and your head would never ask "Sweetie, where are my clean shirts?" Ahh, I just want happiness just by the mere thought of the idea! But if I wake up to something like that, the truth is, a youngster wouldn't be enough to manage a two-child household.

A logistics manager

In addition to cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and taking care of the kids, one of the most destructive jobs in a household is to be the logistics manager (who I am in the public domain for the time being). Millions and one thing to keep in mind are that you spend a single weekday without a hitch. Homework, school activities, classes, birthdays, tutoring, and more. Even if you do well in the fortress, you can't avoid the inevitable, laughing: the kid forgets to have to go to a celebration and you give him a green sweater that day.

A personal assistant

Now I'm going to ask you to close your eyes and imagine that you have your own personal assistant. Imagine having someone who keeps track of all your birthday, buying and packing gifts, taking a car for examination, changing summer and summer tires, organizing vacations, family parties. Imagine that this person will also make sure that the date of your annual medical exam is not the day of an important school event. So that everyone in the family goes to the dentist twice a year. To ensure that the dog is vaccinated in time, the number of children and school trips paid in cash is paid for. Imagine never having to run home again for a vacation to wait for a workman who forgets to leave. Imagine when you leave home in the morning, the only thing you need to focus on is your work. Well, that's what a working woman needs, dear Mel Gibson. Why aren't you making a movie about it?Related articles on work and motherhood:
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