Allergies do not work during Christmas

During the holidays, allergic symptoms may worsen. Christmas tree, scented candles and stress can also intensify your complaints.

You become and allergic

Nausea, inflammation of the nasal passages, cold sores - if these symptoms occur year after year, we may want to look at what may be the symptoms in the background. Patients who have been diagnosed with allergies are consciously avoiding the allergies that cause the symptoms.
The problem is that allergies often occur in untreated and untreated patients in a form that can be confused with other images - explains dr. Katalin Balogh, head of allergology at the Buda Allergy Center.
Anyone who regularly struggles with the obsessive-compulsive disorder of the listed illnesses during the winter period may find it easy to really experience signs of an allergy inside the home. THE hбziporatka next to the penйszgomba two of the most common sources of allergen in the home.

What are you real?

In patients with a fungal allergy, the symptoms may also be exacerbated by the Christmas tree. Pine can also be found in the forests. Fungi colonies may grow further on the cut tree under the open air, and in a humid, humid environment. Moving into the home, they naturally appear immediately in the indoor air, which can be triggered by sensitive sensations and coughing. For them, buying larch can be an ideal choice.


Potpourri, candles and essential oils - a must-have for Christmas. However, be aware that potpourri-dried herbaceous plants can be a source of moldy asparagus, so that allergies should not be placed in any place where they can be directly inhaled - on the sunbed or in the sun.

Allergies are better off avoiding potpourri

Certain fragrances may exacerbate symptoms at the sensitive level. Some of the scented candles can also be problematic because they contain chemicals that can cause nasal bleeding, trigger heartburn and runny nose, and even provoke seizures in asthma patients.

Badly chosen gifts

THE hбziporatka it feeds on dead human sperm cells, and its favorite places to live are bedding, mattresses, upholstered sofas and stuffed animals. Household mites can cause sensitive asthma symptoms, but can also lead to cheating and eczema. It is not advisable, therefore, to surprise any of our house dust mite allergies with any fluffy pet.

It's okay if it's not perfect!

Even with the most careful precautions, things may not go the way we want them to. Stress is known to weaken our defensive abilities, if we are nervous, we can catch infections more easily. Stress may also exacerbate allergic symptoms. We do not want to celebrate the holiday perfectly, nor do we fear it ourselves. Leave time for rest And the holidays are allergy free!
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