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Baby on the beach? Oh, so I enjoy the beach

Newborns - up to a month old - are better off just breathing. In general, regular ventilation is recommended from the age of two weeks.

Baby on the beach?

Of course, during the summer season, it is not the hottest time of the afternoon. In this case, always pay attention to the right clothing, do not move the baby, do not sweat, but always have a small linen. Give your head a summer cap. For the first few months, it's not advisable to bathe or bathe your baby. Later on, the little ones have their own small pool - like a plastic sink - and they fill it with warm, clean water, and if they can, . Fortunately, we can take these "pools" with us to the beach or to any open water. Never put your little hand on a hot day, but rather on your side. And remember: Lubricate your body with a high factor sunscreen and sunscreen. Infants who are unable to sit still should only be placed in the "pool" for a shorter period of time, and be careful. Larger cats can take longer baths. There are children's pools at the booths, varying in size, wholly shallow, or gradually fading, but sometimes larger children only have a pool. It is difficult to set an age limit for how old children can start bathing. It depends on the temperature and purity of the water. Always make sure that the water in the pool is dry, and the height of the child relative to the height of the child. Never leave older children unattended, even with "good boats". There are open waters, lakes, rivers, seas next to the beaches. It is not ideal to bathe these tiny babies, but we may want to measure them a little so that they do not suddenly feel cold when warmed up. Be careful not to swallow the water! You should never let the little ones out on a rubber mattress or rubber boat for a second! It is important to know what to put your child on. As a rule, always put something underneath, a blanket or a blanket, and leave all the little dolls in the stroller for a shorter period of time. But beetles can also rely on these skills, and they can tease even the smallest ones that can't be defended. can cause ant. There are times when the tear is very swollen, swollen, warm, bright red. The mosquitoes leave an especially pronounced trace of water behind the inhabitants of the waterfront. If a mite unexpectedly finds a fall in its eyelid, it can only be lost that our poor baby cannot open his or her eyes. it also happens. The unpleasant effects can be smeared without any prescription with cooled gel, insect oil or balm. In case of severe itching, swelling, you can use some anti-allergic medicine, but this is only on medical advice. go into the shell. If this happens, it is important to clean the wound as soon as possible.
It is essential to water the child in the heat. But lemonade or tea should not be hot and never too cold. Of course, the best solution for water is the thicker breast placement if you breastfeed. Let's not make the baby sick and ruin his or her vacation!
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