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The New Baby Nutrition Guidelines have been published

The new professional guide covers the most important aspects of nutrition for 0-12 month old children.

New Infant Planning Guide Released (photo: iStock)The New Infant Nutrition Guide has been published, but not yet online, only available in the Hungarian Bulletin. However, Breast Milk's Facebook page has gathered the most important information about the new protocol.


Breastfeeding should be prepared by the second and third trimester. Postpone routine eljбrбsokat the legalбbb egyуrбs bхrkontaktus utбnra.A szьlхszobai be megfigyelйs idejйn biztosнtani to szoptatбstбmogatбsban jбrtas professionals (nхvйr, szьlйsznх) felьgyelje the mother-ъjszьlцtt pбrost, nyъjtson йs segнtsйget when szьksйges.A be biztosнtani under kуrhбzi tartуzkodбs of the ъjszьlцtt йs The mother is constantly on the move (24 hours rooming-in) .The number and duration of breastfeeding should not be limited for the sake of choosing (on demand) breastfeeding. Tбmogassбk the anyбkat that signals associated felismerjйk csecsemхik tбplбlkozбssal йs reagбljanak azokra.Az elsх йletуrбkban helyezйsi the breast kнsйrletet not vбlthatja out helyettesнtх folyadйk (tea, sugar solutions, tбpszer etc) helyezйs the breast megkнsйrlйsйt йs segнtйsйt to 24 days уrбjбban йjjel йs the same conditions (unlimited number of nights and for a period of time) should be provided with the assistance of a specialist in breastfeeding. Preventing breastfeeding (prescription) is unreasonable and reduces the likelihood of breastfeeding being successful. (The recommendation does not apply to tests with radioactive isotypes.)


It is recommended to continue breastfeeding (as required) without age.We recommend that you visit your family home every 2 working days until the end of the week, and every 6 weeks thereafter. but the legalбbb szьletйsi sъly elйrйsйig йs the lбtvбnyos sъlyfejlхdйs megindulбsбig Fill out every 1-2 days the tбplбlбsi naplуt.Az egйszsйges, jуl gyarapodу csecsemхnйl the szьletйsi sъly elйrйse the lбtvбnyos sъlygyarapodбs megindulбsa utбn the elsх hуnapban weekly kйthetente tцrtйnjen sъlymйrйs.Hazaadбst kцvetхen only to ensure that you have a reasoned medical recommendation in the event of a combination of weight gain and proven (documented) inadequate nutrient intake. Preventing infant formula (prescription) is unjustified, it reduces the chances of breastfeeding being successful. The first choice of filling is the breast milk of the mother. Second donation of milk to a selected donation donor. Nutrition should be given only in milk deficient and donated by women.
How: The safety method should be presented to a mother by a specialist. After breastfeeding: cannabis, glasses, syringes, fingers. During breastfeeding: with syringe, with suncture.As far as you know the amount sucked, you should increase your daily volume by weight. and for that reason, continue as long as both of you want.With low-risk pregnancy, the mother can breastfeed her mother.


Dieting should start at the earliest of the 5th month and begin at the latest by the end of the 6th month, which does not exclude exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months. Breastfeeding should be started in such a way that the frequency of breastfeeding does not decrease over the next few months. If you have been eating a solid diet for at least 3 times, you should only give extra liquid (water or unsweetened baby tea), preferably with a glass.
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