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Wonders of the Rainbow Adventure: Good Fun for All Ages

Until the autumn break you can still visit the Vajdahunyadvár, in the building of the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture, the fairy tale mission of the Wizards and the game. We were there too.

Magic: Good fun for all agesThe Wizarding Exhibition and Games are calling for fairy-tale missionaries and are perfectly in line with this goal. There are no tickets and entry lines at the time of entry, and there are no easy queues, even though we are on a date that can be said to be frequent.
All children receive a playbook before entering the exhibit area, which is something to be taken care of, as this is where the stickers for the solved tasks are stored. We lose the booklet right away, but without a hitch we get a new one. The fairy tale is rich and interesting; as much as New Zealand. There is a lot of information to be exchanged for the story, but the smaller ones can be reduced to the minimum, but the larger ones can read the mythological background, so all the little ones and the big ones can be interesting and exciting. The story contains a lot of backdrop information that a smaller child could not read at all, or only very slowly, so it is definitely necessary for an adult, but not for solving puzzles. It is not a stigma for ages 4-99: we have seen ovis involved in the game, but even teenagers have been trying to solve the problems with their foreheads. Because children are always preceded by some precaution, so besides learning a lot of information, adventure is also emphasized. The moods of the images, sculptures, installations are fabulous, mythical, not scary or gloomy - this also makes the game friendly to the little ones. you have to listen, feel, smell. The games tell you to check: we can check after a while whether or not we have solved the task well. This is definitely worth taking seriously and not sticking stickers to the game booklet afterwards. With this adventure, every child misses a small gift, so the reward for completing the mission is not missed. Exhibits and games require 1-1.5 hours to enter. Details can be found on the website of the Museum of Agriculture and on the event's Facebook page.