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Wild horseracing

A careful, observant child will also benefit if you exercise regularly. Not only does his rocking game improve his balance, but he also has confidence in his parents: he is a little afraid, but a good sense father is sure to be strong.

In the recurring challenge, you will notice that what seemed so high up until now is not what it was after the umpteenth attempt. His confidence also strengthens, and his strength and abilities are increasingly appreciated.Encourage the baby to wake up and jump down from a floor, a piece of wood, some solid hair in the apartment, a bear, a bed. If you jump from a higher position, stand under it and hold one of your hands. We can take it by hand, and let it fly in a little as soon as it jumps. On a "softer" terrain, as we warm up already, grab hold of the more handsome little kid on the same side of the wrist and ankle. Carefully lift and rotate it so that the other hand and foot are flown sideways. Gently lower it.

Dad's always good to play with

It's a couple of exciting alternatives: the little child lies on his stomach, his father and mother grab his ankle and wrist, he wiggles his little lips forward and back. upside down. Lower it to your hand, then to your stomach.They may also be interested in:
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