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Today, pay attention to the animals FRAKK program for ovis

On World Animals Day, they deserve special attention. Teach your child how to deal with animals!

A European wide program is launched to spread the Responsible Animal Husbandry initiative to the European Food Industry Initiative. In Hungary, the Hungarian Pet Food Association is in charge of the project, the educational program of which was developed by the Association of Responsible Animal Friends.

I do not bite

The emphasis of the FRISK program for ovis is on preventing dog attacks. At you can find many details about the job. Dr. Krisztina Temesvбry According to the president of FBBE, the overwhelming majority of dog bites can be attributed to human neglect, as there are hardly any breeds of dogs that do not inhibit aggression due to appropriate breeding and conditions. That is, there is almost no "factory" bite dog. The Presidents mentioned that keeping this pair of breeds in Germany is subject to testing, meaning that prospective farmers must prove that they are suitable for keeping and raising a dangerous animal. We have also heard about other Western examples in the program press. Responsible animal welfare campaigns and education have almost completely reduced the number of wretched animals: "they don't want to reproduce, they are almost natural. The FRAKK program shows children how to approach a dog, what to do, and how to request permission from the owner of the dog to play. It is also a challenge for these 3-6 year olds to learn how to be a responsible owner, and of course at this age it's the parents' job.


At the center of the school program is a short film, the backbone of which is the golden rule of responsible animal husbandry, of which we are just quoting here.

1. Love

Every pet needs the care of its owner, dogs, cats, love, compassion and play. Play every day with your puppy, cat, pet it, caress it so you will become a team, so you will have a close relationship. In order for you to feel comfortable together, well, if your dog has given these basic instructions: lie, lie down, stay in place and stay. So it respects people's needs and space, both in the public and at home. However, it is your job to respect their needs, not to disturb your buck when you are ill or resting.

2. Responsibility

Just before you buy an animal, you need to think about whether the family has enough time and money to support the new family member in the past. When selecting a breed, it is worth consulting a specialist or reading specialist books. Therefore, it is the pet you are responsible for throughout its life. You also have to take care of your pet even if your lifestyle changes. The unfortunate mischievous animals left behind are being trapped by irresponsible people.

3. Health

Animals, like children, need regular health check-ups. Vaccination of dogs and cats every year, regular hair drive, and tick, flea control / prevention is a favorite and the health of people in the environment.

4. Table

Home favorites are just as dangerous to hunger or obsession as to people. Always add the right quality and quantity of food to your diet, and if you don't eat more, take your shrimp. The right amount also depends on the age and weight of your dog kitten, follow the information on the pet food packaging.

5. Movement

What kind of blasphemy did a fat dog think? How bad is it to be bored and not meet your friends for days? Housed dogs need at least two daily publishing libraries, and bring a dog with you in the garden from time to time to get to know new smells and new friends. Exercise and play are the basic necessities for dogs and cats.

6. I hate you

The propagation is left to the breeders. Believe that every female dog should be born once in a lifetime. It is best to neuter the babies, this is especially true for free-riding cats.

7. Environment

It is important for the well-being of animals that they live in an environment appropriate to their breed. It needs a small, well-ventilated, clean, close-to-white spot for small animals. The dog in the garden should have a warm shade in the hot and a covered, insulated dog shelter in the cold.