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Facial Inflammation, Nasal Inflammation: Symptoms and Treatment

The nasal cavities include the fibula, the forehead, the iliac bones and the fibrous cells. Inflammation of the nasal passages (sinusitis) in young children and adolescents can occur mainly due to a viral or bacterial cold.

Facial Inflammation, Nasal Inflammation: Symptoms and Treatment

The age of the child depends on the nasal cavity in which inflammation occurs. Inflammation of the coccyx and fibrous cells occurs only in pre-school age, while the inflammation of the ossicles occurs most often in school age. Although the forehead develops from the second year of life, but inflammation of the nasal passages only affects them by the tenth year.

Facial inflammation (rhinitis) - the most common symptoms

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- HeadachesVirous inflammation of the nasal passages is similar to that of acute viral necrosis and lasts for most to two weeks. In contrast, bacterial nasal inflammations usually show no tendency to improve and therefore require antibiotic treatment after detection of the bacterium. The children they often cry for minutes, even to the point of vomiting, especially in the evening, after sleeping one or two hours, and in the morning, shortly after awakening. Many children complain of headaches, especially when they bend their heads forward. If the fluids reach the center, it can cause central inflammation or overflow.


In the case of nasal inflammation, there is a risk of osteoporosis or, if the fibrous cells are affected, a risk of cerebral inflammation.

Do I have to see a doctor if I have facial inflammation?

In all cases of suspected inflammation of the chest, you should consult a doctor.

What happens to the doctor?

- Diagnosis may require ultrasound or X-rays.
- If you have purulent bacterial nasal inflammation, smear should be made to determine the bacterium so that your doctor can prescribe the correct antibiotic.

What can I do if my child has facial inflammation?

Treat Acute Viral Sinusitis Like Acute Nephritis. infralбmpбzбs (10 minutes three times a day, 30-50 centimeters from face to face due to danger). Helps with saline inhalation, especially before falling asleep. The high humidity in the air is also important: this is to distribute wet towels to the cloths or radiators in the sick room (during the warm season). If possible, leave the window open at night, unless it is very cold (temperature: 15 degrees Celsius). During the day, let the child out into the open air often. Article Source: Dr. Barbara Capelle - Dr. Helmut Keudel's Book of Pediatrics. More articles in this topic:
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