Next, he is an optimist

Optimistic people survive far beyond pessimism, according to American researchers. It feels good to learn the value of optimism.

Next, he is an optimistThere are several factors that play a role here, and to promote optimism, scientists recommend the coach primarily. Their results were presented in Proceedings magazine.Lewina Lee, a colleague at Boston Medical University and colleagues used two databases to store information about medical records for members of certain professions over the years. Almost 70,000 bulls and 1,429 veterans had health and lifestyle data available. Questions and tests have also found that everyone is more optimistic or pessimistic. According to the results, women in the particularly optimistic group survived by 15 percent more than the pessimistic group. The researchers looked at women who had similar demographics and illnesses.On average, optimistic men outperformed their pessimists by 11 percent.The most optimistic women were 50 percent more likely to live at least 85 years than the most optimistic. In the case of men, this difference was 70 percent. It has been found that while taking these into account, differences are diminishing, but optimists still enjoy the advantage. And other studies suggest that optimistic people can better regulate their feelings and behaviors. They better recover from stressful situations and distress. " Laura Kubzansky, a colleague at the Boston institution. Optimists are better integrated socially, which also has an impact on life expectancy. Some optimism is genetically determined, but it can also be learned - experts believe. "This study is of great importance for middle-class health, as it suggests that optimism is a psychological factor that can extend human life. the value of optimism is influential"There are simple methods and therapies for this," explained study lead author Lewina Lee.
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