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The housing market may be reshaped by the CSOK

According to a senior economist at Property Real, the housing market could be rescheduled to the new Family Home Benefit (CSOK).

CSOK 2016

Laszlo Balogh said on Monday's current channel M1 that demand may shift from the used-housing market to the direction of new homes. Most recently, 30-40 thousand new homes were built between 2008 and 2009, which, according to experts, are needed for the Hungarian real estate market to function properly, and this period is now back. There was every opportunity for a housing boom, he said.
Balogh Laszlo said that, in the current situation, many people are looking for new real estate in vain, so it is the responsibility of the investors to quickly repair their dwellings.
The Family Home Benefit has changed in many ways since January 1, 2016. The changes are best for 3 children (or 3 children) and for a new home. According to search statistics for the largest real estate market in Hungary, demand for new homes could be seen as late as December.
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