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In which country are children most affected?

In the 38 countries of the United Nations, 250,000 young children have been tested for weight and eating habits. Hungarian children are not the most ominous, but we cannot be proud.

In which country are children most affected?A UN program (Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative) has been monitoring childhood obesity since 2008, and has now published data on European issues. It covers a total of 53 states In 38 countries, about 250,000 children aged 6 to 9 years are dying values ​​and dietary habits have been tested. The most recent children are in Southern Europe, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and Greece, Cyprus, for example. 43 percent of the children are overweight or deprived.The least deprived are Danish, Kazakh, Tajik, and Turkmen. THE Hungarian children are in the middle of the field: For 28- to 9-year-old boys and girls, 28 percent are overweight or overweight.Joao Breda, from the WHO European Office at the European Congress in Vienna, said that despite the high rates, the South European countries had succeeded in reducing the number of deprived children in the past. According to Breda, children in southern Europe eat little green and fruit, consume a lot of sugary and other sugary drinks and sweets, snack a lot, and barely exercise.Related articles in Childhood Hearing:
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