Metal allergy: Even food can cause symptoms

Those who are sensitive are primarily those who wear charms. Itchy, itchy sensation, dermatitis, itching indicate if we are allergic to any of the metals in the jewelry.

Metal allergy: Even food can cause symptomsSymptoms also disappear when you remove the necklace or earring. However, metal allergy can cause more complex problems, often even in non-allergenic metals.

We may also be allergic to titanium

Implants used in dentistry and in orthopedic surgeries are therefore made of titanium from hypoallergenic patients, known as hypoallergenic patients. However, previous examinations have proved that unfortunately this is not a solution for everyone, because although rarely, implants and jewelry made of titanium can cause an allergic reaction.

Meals can also be selected

Nickel allergy can not only cause skin symptoms, he warns dr. Katalin Balogh allergologist, chief doctor of the Buda Allergy Center. Certain foods - such as chocolate, oats, peanuts and tomatoes - have a high nickel content, and if you consume these in the case of nickel allergy syndrome, nickel intake during diet it can also cause frequent headaches, chronic fatigue, abdominal complaints, spasms and anemia in affected individuals.

Tattooing with a metal allergy?

Most long-lasting paints contain some metal, which is why metal allergies have a clearly higher risk of allergic reactions. A few days or a few weeks after tattooing, you may experience allergic eczema - rashes, blemishes, itching - in the area of ​​skin. Blood paints are the main problem with tattoo paints. It is a basic metal derived from mercury, but moreover it contains chromium iron oxide, cobalt and copper, titanium dioxide.

No matter what cosmetics you use!

Ingredients, coloring agents in makeup products, but also the metal content of the rust or the bismuth resulting in the sparkle may cause allergic symptoms. Eyeshadows can contain cobalt and nickel, but metal allergies should also be careful when choosing hair dyes, allergic reaction scalp itching, hair loss can also cause.

Allergy testing before dental and orthopedic implants?

Teeth can be made from a variety of materials, the most common being metalworking. However, metals can also cause an allergic reaction. In such cases, symptoms usually do not occur immediately, but days after treatment. ,Gх, stinging on the tongue, wounds, ulcerative lesions, dryness, cracking of the lips may also indicate an allergy, however, it is not always caused by tooth alignment, such can also cause a reaction, such as the material used for dentition. To be able to accurately determine this, an allergy test is required.In the case of metal allergy, orthopedic implants can also cause allergic symptoms: they may not be associated with infection or other mechanical problems.

How do I know I'm a metal allergic?

Because dental alignment is quite a time consuming process, it also takes time for the wearer to get used to it, so allergiavizsgбlatot before starting the whole procedure. Before orthopedic surgery, you can even prevent implant replacement if you know what metals you are allergic to. Fйmallergia gyanъja esetйn tetovбlбsok elхtt, цsszefьggх cosmetics complaints kapcsбn also йrdemes the vizsgбlatot elvйgeztetni.Allergia same could occur bбrmilyen йletkorban, ezйrt if it was korбbban bбrmilyen complain - bхrpнr, viszketйs - fйmbхl kйszьlt hair clips, clothes цvcsat, nyaklбnc, fьlbevalу viselйse sorбn, you йrdemes a allergiateszttel to make sure that you have a paintbrush.
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