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The birthing method from the 1930s does not cause as much stress to the baby and causes fewer births. Isn't there a new day under the sun?

Although the duration of pregnancy is not exactly 40 weeks, nowadays they do not like to have too many babies. This is because the term is more frequent in the post-term period. Therefore, more frequent medical check-ups are warranted, and it is not uncommon for a parent to decide on a referral. Gels containing prostaglandin hormone are most often used for this purpose. It is conceivable that an older process would undergo renaissance: in the 1930s, a mechanical method called the Foley catheter was used for the same purpose. At the end of the catheter, a balloon was placed, which was placed in the slightly open cavity while it was filled with saline. Subsequently, they began to pump gently and slowly, which caused a sensation similar to that of concussions, and as a result, birth began.
Dutch researchers have recently compared the effectiveness of two methods. Interestingly, both procedures reduced the number of cesarean sections, but the old-fashioned mechanical catheter solution caused less stress on the baby and less on the mother. A total of 824 pregnant women from 12 Dutch cities were enrolled in the study. One group of women used the balloon catheter, while the other used gel. In the case of catheters, only 12 percent of the patients had to have surgical intervention, as opposed to the gel group, which had a higher rate of 20 percent. Of those who are affected by the old method of delivery, only 5 cases of inflammatory events have occurred, whereas in the other group 14 times.
"With less pain and side effects, the catheter method is a better choice for women who need to start a baby artificially," said Kitty Bloemenkamp of Leiden University. However, it is no good for many tongues, women in the Netherlands, if they are brave, tend to prefer hormonal gel because they do not believe that old technology can be better than modern technology.
Baby Room: This method is also unknown in Hungary, for example, balloon firing is used at the St. Stephen's Courthouse in Budapest, and at the same time the rate of dressing is the lowest.