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Do you want to breastfeed? Here's the help!

On August 1st, celebrate World Breastfeeding Day. On this occasion, we ask who you can count on for help in this wonderful but challenging time.

Spiritual support

"You have to help art," says psychologist Anze Vincze. - If the helper removes the troubles, the mother and baby are enormous resources in and of themselves. Everyday help is primarily a csalбd You can. It is very important not to be violent: if the mother does not indicate that she is in need, then do not harm her advice. At any time you can relax, eat, drink, massage, indulge, something that will make you feel good. It is important that you feel: dignified, respectful of your efforts. Don't make demands on her, praise her a lot, with words, gestures, the chick should put the woman and the woman in it, besides being motherly right now.
Never intervene or solve things instead of being a mother. Believe that he knows his most self, he knows what's good for him and the baby. THE barбtnх it is a great treasure: listening to it, reinforcing your goodness, reminding you of difficult situations you have solved. But don't give me unwrapped advice, don't be smart, or be more knowledgeable than mom. Be empathetic, accepting, bring the world into your mother's life, relax together without a baby. And if a pregnant mother does not ask for help in spite of family, friends, relatives' great efforts (or just that), she must be able to accept it without pain, malice.
- If the family and the spiritual support of friends is not enough, it may happen that pszicholуgusra there is a need. In the immediate vicinity of a baby, problems that may be present in the breastfeeding period, often dormant or dormant, may be exacerbated or may occur. The psychologist looks more closely at breastfeeding problems, trying to discover the roots and solve them. She also looks for causes in the family system, especially trying to understand, support, and prioritize the baby-mom relationship, to show her maternal strength.

Doctors and doctors

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Play - That a pediatrician can help those who are able to break away from the idea of ​​time-bound breastfeeding and early adoption - concludes Dr. Csaba Kуs pediatric neonatologist. - By encouraging the mother to breastfeed on demand, she has done a great deal of success and has provided the baby with as much breast milk as she needs. It is also important to monitor not only the growth but also the general condition of the baby, to learn about the mother's breastfeeding practice, and only to draw conclusions from them.
Unfortunately, it is common nowadays to prescribe formula based solely on numbers, and this supports breastfeeding. A conscientious doctor, however time consuming it may be, will determine what causes the problem. After all, there are many reasons why a baby may not grow properly or that breast milk is low. There are times when you simply need to change the daily routine of your family, sometimes it is advisable to suggest a proper nursing position, but it may also be that your baby or mother is unhealthy, and this should be helped. Next to the doctor vйdхnхnek they must also adhere to the same principles, so that the mother can receive appropriate practical help.
The first, most important support is the szьlйszeten you can get your family. This requires that those who work there know and know what the newborn and the mother's body are capable of. Healthy mother-child couples do not have to worry about getting out of bed if the mother wants to breastfeed at night and help her to put the baby on her breast. It would be ideal if you would follow baby-friendly principles in every hospital (see box) and any professional in maternity care would appreciate breastfeeding. In my experience, the majority of pediatricians are unaware of the suggestion made in 2009 that deals with infant nutrition. Young people continue to learn the profession from out-of-date textbooks and out-of-date supervisors, and are often worth more than they use. The biggest help would be a better doctor and medical training.

Their profession is breastfeeding

"It is the easiest to learn from one another, and I have experienced this on my own skin," says Ibolya Ruzza Lactation Specialist (IBCLC). - THE La Leche League groups In addition to professional help, we also receive spiritual support. It helps a lot to see how similar the problems are, but how different the babies are! The Leaders of LLL groups trained and experienced mothers who can be trusted not only with questions about breastfeeding but also about maternity. Because they are breastfeeding or breastfeeding themselves, they are not unaware of the discomfort of low milk, a swollen nipple, or even breast inflammation. We know how easy it is for the baby to fall in love with the little baby. They provide free telephone assistance. You can read interesting and useful articles on the League website, and find tips for tips and baby-mom groups.
Today You Can Find Highly Qualified Breastfeeding Specialists in Hungary, IBCLC lactation specialist. Any questions you may have about breastfeeding, whether you are a mother about illness, medication, breast inflammation, baby developmental disorder, early breastfeeding, breastfeeding. He knows how to maintain or enhance milk production, reduce need, heal wounds, teach the baby properly and effectively breastfeed. And when it comes to supplementing, it shows you the use of breastfeeding tools that your baby will not lose breastfeeding.
Of course, you can count on a practical guide for emotional support as well. The lactation specialist also knows when to consult another specialist to find a solution to the problem with a doctor, nurse, or psychologist. You can get personalized, helpful tips, even in your own home. A telephone appointment is required. Contact us at
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