Cough: asthma or croup?

Asthma and croup - two scary diseases. It is better to get to know them and learn how to deal with their symptoms, so that you will be able to keep your peace of mind in those difficult minutes, as this will do most of your childhood.

Can cough be caused by asthma? (Photo: Europress)

Cough, cough and cough, but what? Especially in early childhood, especially in the winter months, children coming to the community are often affected by infection. upper respiratory illness symptom-related or coughing up coughing. Such recurrent infections train the immune system: children who have been exposed to more infections every year are less likely to have autoimmune diseases in the future. It is not uncommon for coughing to have a buzzing, sultry voice, even with free ears. Almost one third of children between the ages of one and two pass through at least one difficulty hцrgхgyulladбson. This is mostly caused by viruses: the small ones' narrow narrows swell and produce mucus, making the breath of air even more breathable when breathing. If this is repeated, you may be suspected that milk allergies, chronic inflammation of the face or reflux will trigger a repeat feeling of excitement in the heart. And in one third of cases, the inflammatory process stops, asthma develops.

Against asthma: inhalation

In this chronic condition, there are asymptomatic periods, and there are times when infection, movement, stress or allergies suddenly rise to cough. Inflammation is a major cause of infections in infancy, and allergic predisposition in early childhood. If you are also affected by this disease, you need to learn how to live with it, what you can do for your child. First of all, you need to know that asthma attack the narrowing of the airways makes it difficult to breathe, so do not encourage the little one to breathe, instead, sit down and show how to exhale the air slowly, evenly. And stress increases oxygen demand, and its condition gets worse. The smallest ones need immediate medical attention in case of acute inflammation. Continuous anti-inflammatory therapy with inhaled steroids inhalation formulations for infants and young children, as well as rapid relief of salbutamol in case of cold sores. Asthma attack In the last few days, your doctor may recommend an additional treatment for your nose drops, capsules or tablets. Assuring early treatment prevents pulmonary injury, asthma deterioration, and increases the risk of subsequent asymptomatic years. regular inhalation That is how you can best accept the little one by developing a ritual that includes a fairy tale, a puppet, and a toy. Get used to regular, steady exercise, for example, walking a lot, taking it out of the stroller for walking, and from toddler age to exercise, exercise or yoga that is specifically designed for asthma.

Croup attacks

Similarly to asthma, other children are often prone to coughing, causing pseudocroup. Between nine months and half and half a year, one-third of children at least once, with over a dozen or more attacks. It is better to count it in the fall and over because it is often one megfбzбshoz It is also associated with virtually all the conditions and other symptoms, unexpectedly, at night, the stomach dry, upset stomach. Inflammation also affects the vocal cords, therefore hoarse voice. Swelling of the larynx of the larynx can cause you to block the air, the child exhales the air when it is inhaled, which is characterized by a special sound at the time of the air. Shouting and hurrying will only make you worse. Wrap it in a blanket, keep it upright, and stand it in front of an open window or fridge, as the cold mist will slightly suppress the swelling. Cooling is also effective: for example, put a packaged green vegetable wrapped around your throat. If it gets any better, it might calm down and fall asleep on your shoulder. Stay with him windowand more keep it up.Afterwards, consult a pediatrician after a seizure and discuss what should be done in the event of a subsequent seizure. However, it is possible that your child's condition may not be noticeably improved. Do not wait too long and call the night watch or ambulance, especially if you have a high fever, or the mouth starts to swell, or the skin becomes firmly entrained between the ribs. anti-inflammatory steroid treatment it may be in the form of injection, oral or inhalation spray, and may be an adjunct therapy to inhaled epinephrine, which has a deleterious effect and also causes dyspepsia. The disease disappears in a few days, but it may happen repeatedly, meaning that your baby is prone to it. In this case, it is advisable to obtain a cold pair of inhaled preparations. The immune system can help reduce symptoms. Whether you have asthma or a pseudo-group, the child - or an established illness - has the ability to exercise regularly, with daily breathing and fitness, which can make the patient more likely to suffer from illness. Creating the right lifestyle is the task of the family, and you will all be healthier.
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