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Diapers were fitted with men's toilets

On Father's Day, baby men's tables have been added to some men's public toilets in Budapest.

Diapers were fitted with men's toiletsAccording to the information provided by the Capital City sewerage company Zrt., Men's toilets are fitted with diapers. It happened in places where there was enough space, and there was a lot of visitors. These belьl also elsхsorban fуkuszбlt helyszнneire csalбdi szabadidхs the busiest programs of the cйg.Нgy jцvхben on Margaret Island kйt place in the Vбrosligetben Szйchenyi fьrdхnйl and kйt tцmegkцzlekedйsi csomуpontnбl the Batthyбny tйren йs Vбroskapunбl the use of igйnybe йdesapбk this szolgбltatбst - fejtettйk out.
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