Can Your Baby Get Green Breast Milk?

Anna's milk had a crush on her because it was green. Later, there were several things that resulted in two months old little sons not wanting to suck. What can be done in this case?

Now my baby boy will be two months old - and he has started a breastfeeding strike ... So far, the topic of breastfeeding has not been too hot for us, because the beginning of the gently diminished the beginning: at week 38, toxemia (at the age of 38) it was intense because it wasn't good for their chain. Infusion, nasal probe, then infant formula…
I got my milk started, but my nerves collapsed because it was green (it turned out later that because of streptococcal infections - it passed into the milk in our milk canal). So by the time the baby's milk and their baby's blood became stable, the cum disorder came.
They told me from the hospital that they had to eat their dose three times, and both the doctor and the nurse told us not to risk it until we lost 3 pounds. I did, I did, and I tried. One month later, he succeeded in breast augmentation, and still only 30-40, or rarely 50-70 milliliters. But at least mother and breast milk. But now she's been drinking from the weasel for two weeks now, she's not eating from her mother ... up to 10 milliliters.
I do everything the same as before, not even choosing my breasts, the same shampoo, shower, food, drink, no suckling ... I don't know what's wrong. Sometimes even the baby's heart doesn't sound right. Do you have any tips? I would be very grateful for any council.

Answers by Renata W. Ungvбry Breastfeeding Specialist IBCLC:
Yes, indeed, to say the least, it was a dainty start. Toxemia is a cause for alarm, and the low birth weight of a baby boy, and the associated hardships, make it much more difficult than average for the first child, but not for the first time.
In order to deal with this particular case more accurately, I also need to know how the weight develops, which also means that you do not hear the baby bottle properly. Do you eat less? Or is it slowing down glass? Do you often watch me over lunch? However, it is usually possible to add a few thoughts to the case as it is not uncommon, unfortunately.

What's the problem?

They can also be called strikes, but a better term is nipple confusion. This means that your baby has been disturbed by the techniques and feelings of the breast and the baby, and is therefore unable to breastfeed properly. It is a very common experience that babies who receive baby food in the first few days or weeks can find it difficult to get effective breastfeeding.

Getting the baby to eat from baby bottles can make breastfeeding very difficult

This is especially the case if the mother has problems with the amount of milk at all, or if she is very worried, uncertain and starting to breastfeed from the very beginning, which only gets worse during just cum, whose blood supply is what. Everyone is calm when the baby bottle gets out and this can be done in this situation.

How to get a job

I'll start with how to overcome it. I'm sorry it's not easy! The best solution is to completely abandon the baby bottle and feed the baby with other methods. Three or so days are needed to forget about the pacifier and accept other options. It is possible to feed a small baby in a small beaker, but in terms of purpose, perhaps the best solution is the Ophthalmic or SNS.
This is a neck-hung bottle, this one includes skimmed milk or puffsand the top-to-bottom probe is glued to the nipple so the baby can get the nipple together. The SNS has helped with the problem of cum soup that the baby is disturbed by the fact that the breast does not start immediately. It gives the baby the impression that he can live relatively lightly on his breast. The nipple may help the baby to accept the nipple more easily in such a situation (because they are more similar to the nipple). In the meantime, of course, the milking must be actively pursued to increase milk production.
You need at least 12 breastfeedings a day, and the goal is to breastfeed each time and spend at least 15 minutes with active breastfeeding (continuously with the heart). The situation is not easy, so you should contact the Breastfeeding Professional IBCLC (www.ibclc.hu) to help you personally. However, the biggest and indispensable factor, however, is that in spite of the foreseeable hardships, you do it with faith.

What was it like?

Of course, at this time, I can't help but wonder why this whole thing was formed. Was it a good idea to feed this little baby in the townhouse? Was it rightly forbidden for your own mother's milk to call it infectious and inappropriate for what was best for the baby? Or was it a good idea to tell us not to risk it until you hit the three pounds?
What does risk mean here? Breastfeeding is a risk !? And what about homa? Well yes, so much harder, the fact is. If it weren't for toxemia, blood sugar, and low birth weight, then we're still stepping up with a few, really bad tips. How come they come this way? Think too bad! I would just like to list here, in today's scientific opinion, what are the most effective solutions to this set of problems.

First of all: header!

From the first minute the mother allows her condition, should be supported in the header, offering a variety of methods and options. The first colostrum drops are worth taking with a small, once-usable syringe and given to the newborn, as the best antidote to glucose fluctuation is the colostrum, often given in small quantities. It is also the most effective method of preventing infections.

Second: green color milk?

We don't know the exact thing! There may be a unique feature, the colostrum has many, completely normal color ranges from the deep orange to the palate that you are interested in, there are plenty of photos of the normal colostrum and breast milk on the internet.
You can also cause green color with dietary supplements, medicines, vitamins. And what if you really do sztreptokokkuszfertхzйs the cause of the discoloration? Let's make sure that this is stated by professionals after a properly performed breeding examination and that you really have chest inflammation. If the inflammation extends to all breasts, it may be justified to suspend breastfeeding for the first 24 hours of the mother's antibiotic therapy, but not beyond !!! It is not necessary for the breastfeeding to disappear in green at all!

Third, don't get it!

This is what a health worker should take into account in the course of his or her work. If you give me a baby that is not hesitant, not bad, just a baby of little age, first and foremost, Breastfeeding should be supported (lots of body contact with the mother, patient help in finding the perfect breastfeeding breast, regular breastfeeding support in every possible way) and breastfeeding friendly breastfeeding methods if needed.
They are, but their use is very time consuming and complicated than putting a big hole in a baby's mouth into a diet. Are you trying to apply something like that? Or is it more important to have fast results on paprika than to provide the most effective effective milk for the baby's long-term development, health, and condition?
As far as the 3,000 grams are concerned, it is true that the more a baby grows, the better he or she approaches the average birth weight. However, this goal is most certainly not achieved by administering predetermined quantities three times per week, but by a single dietary regimen appropriate to the situation. For example, this little baby has a very small cherry stomach, is much better off with small doses of milk, and has to spend a lot of time every day to have direct body contact with her mother. status as I have already mentioned, for example with the help of SNS.
Experience has shown that small, but mature babies are well-nourished, well-developed, quickly brought to bear, and breastfeeding and breast milk have helped them a great deal in handling their disadvantages.
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