Free of washing chemicals? - It's cool and healthy

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and also the largest surface on which different substances can be absorbed. It doesn't matter how we get in touch every day. And most of all, it does not matter how our baby's skin comes into contact.

The immaculate, litterless, rancid world of commercials is a trick. Foamy Petik and Lollipops leaping into the doorway, hugging their happy mother's neck, the crown of blemishes.
White effect, alpine formula, ocean waves…
But much more environmentally friendly, with less stress on the body and skin, and last but not least, a great deal of cleanliness can be achieved.


The basis of a great wash is the laundry (click on the picture!).
You can get a kilo for about 3,000 forints, and a kilo for about nine (!!!) months.
We need to use 4-5 eyes for a wash, but this 4-5 eyes can be used many times more than three times. This is how we can determine if the duvet is the next wash to see how bright the hair is. Unfortunately, when it is very matte, it has unleashed your soul… (But don't throw it away, because boiling 10 eyes in 2 liters of water will give you extra mild water.) The laundry will be delicately soft so you don't need a rinse. Many times you protect your laundry by making your clothes look ugly. Unfortunately, this is true for some, but it is easy to remedy by adding a couple of (1-3) tablespoons of water to your wash.

For more severe stains: Sodium percarbonate

Of course, the question arises as to what will happen to the more serious patches, the unfortunate casualties of diaper accidents, and the lost parteditions of the recuperation. Fortunately, science doesn't stop there, too, because then we can use sodium percarbonate.

Click on the picture!

Adding this to the wash instead of a wash (1-3 teaspoons) will put the stubborn stains on your hands and miss you.
There is still a magic weapon that is recommended for serious patches, but I haven't tried it, it's bile soap ...

Click on the bile soap!

Sounds very bizarre, but surprisingly so bizarre, so effective.

Naturally fragrance

The smell of rinse or clothes can also be a question. On fresh clothes drizzled in the day, let's say there is no finer scent, but of course this option can't be used outright. For those who really lack a fragrance, you might want to try a few drops of essential oil, or a relatively expensive wash of perfume. But one thing is for sure, the fragrance is just the best for our baby, our baby will surely have the finest scent to fool our senses.
The recipes are all well-rehearsed, and I tried them in my own family kitchen.


Mosуdiу: There are more places to order online, it is worth comparing prices. I found the best price so far in the Szabolcska Mihбly Street HoldBolt.
Mosуszуda: If you decide to do so, it is worth thinking about in larger packages, especially since it is a very versatile material that can be used in the household for countless things besides washing. It usually comes in 25kg packs, so it comes to about 240 pounds. If you just want to try it out, I've also found the best price in the HoldBolt so far. Two kilos three or so months.
Nбtrium-perkarbonбt: In one of the biggest drugstore chains, you can get a very good one. The amount is around $ 200, and the amount is about 3 months.