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Dental care during pregnancy

When a pregnant woman shows up for pregnancy care, she becomes thoroughly familiar with what she needs to do during her pregnancy months, and it is recommended that you visit your dentist regularly.

The nurse can clarify if there is a dentist's office in the environment that provides maternity support. If you do not have one, you can contact your usual dentist, or if you have not needed such a service, ask your GP to find out which appointment you would like to have for your dental care.

She is a pregnant mother

Dr. Bethlen Anna According to dentist experience, small children tend to shy away from regular dental check-ups.
"The main reason for this is the lack of capital," he says. Many people do not even know that tooth health assessment is free, and that in order to get the pregnancy under optimal conditions, there is a need for dental care. Believe that baby is removing calcium from teeth and bonesand they are starting to deteriorate.

Dental control is very important

The reason is much more proverbial: the majority of pregnant women have little to do with eating right: "I want something, and then I eat". and best of all.
- However, there are some mothers who are not going to be treated because they fear that painkillers, numbness they can have a bad effect on the fetus.
- It is true that some anesthetics get through the fetal envelope and this can cause problems with the development of the fetus. It is, therefore, very important for a woman to talk to her doctor about her pregnancy, so that she can use the right medication. If this is not possible and serious intervention is needed, then there is a way to postpone it until after the birth. However, it is certainly not necessary to make a prosthetic or dental implant during pregnancy!

Complaints and advice

- What are the most common complaints during pregnancy?
- Even at an early stage, it can be noticed that the skin is slightly loose and may be bloody. To avoid this, your mother, if possible, should not eat ice, and brush your teeth several times a day, taking special care to carefully eliminate the misalignment between them. Tooth decay may also occur, and to prevent this, it is best to lightly massage your fingertips several times a day and swap the used toothbrush for a softer one during pregnancy.
Regular dental check-ups will quickly discover if any tooth is damaged and treating it is not too much trouble. It is more problematic if a pregnant mother comes to see a doctor because she has more teeth, and malnutrition the teeth are almost dusty. During pregnancy, regular dental check-ups are essential, which not only preserves the health of the mother but also creates good health.
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