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Is it okay to be nutritional and breastfeeding too much?

Whether you are breastfeeding or feeding your baby or baby on a diet, be aware that your acquaintances will have the cries of obsession that they will not be afraid to carry.

Is it okay if you breastfeed?

"Is this baby hungry?", "Are you eating enough?", "Are you sure you have enough milk for her?", "Why don't you give her some formula too?" These are the requests that you have probably heard at least once from a friend or relative. But be prepared, the most nervous will come when your baby reaches the age of one year: "Don't you think you should breast-feed anymore? It's so easy!" When breast milk is much better? The formula is not good enough for her! "," Anyone who can breastfeed, she was not persistent enough! "All mothers have to deal with such questions and statements. But for that, no one has anything to do with you. Your child is happy, you are happy, why is it not enough? - Report on's Nutrition is an old topic, everyone has their say. If you are breastfeeding, the problem is, if you are taking nutritional supplements, it is more of a problem. But there may be countless reasons for the latter. There are women who want to breastfeed, because of any health problem. Some people milk their breasts anyway day and night, they can't even make out more than a decin. Would you rather let the little one starve? What's wrong with diet? Baby millions are consumed every day. Why do you need to raise the sense of guilt in your mothers? But those who are breastfeeding are no better. At first, the questions come, "Are you sure you have enough milk for you? Don't you think that little one is hungry?" Or just the opposite: "Do you not think that you are overused too often? Why don't you feed more than 3 urns?" And if all this wasn't enough for a baby to come and her first birthday, you meet more and more disrespectwhen it turns out, you still have no idea of ​​stopping breastfeeding and weaning a little. During your pregnancy, you have been listening to the importance of breastfeeding and the benefits of putting your baby on your breast immediately after birth. For months, you just read everywhere that breast milk is the best you can give your baby, you do everything to make it happen anyway. And as time goes on, more and more people look at you strangely when it turns out that your one-year-old child is always cute. Are the following sentences familiar?
"It is completely unnecessary to breastfeed after one year." (Note: this is generally not true.)
"Because your child is so big, doesn't it bother you always have to breastfeed her?"
"But you've got so many teeth. Stop it before you get out of it!" Your breasts. Your baby. It's your life. It's your decision. Never mind how you feed them, whether you are breastfeeding, whether you are dieting or combining the two. Never listen to those goodies who live up to what you want to breastfeed, but also to those who think diet is something sinful. Most importantly, your baby must be healthy, develop and grow, anyway, anyway.Related Articles:
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