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Let's play smart with the baby!

Even healthy children, those who need special care and those who are slower to develop, need to be nurtured by a single parent, loving care, and smart care.

Let's pay attention to the maternal remarks!

If trouble is йs something hбtrбltatja small mentбlis fejlхdйsйt, the most important of mielхbbi felismerйs to quickly specialist kerьljцn child, megtцrtйnjen full kцrы kivizsgбlбsa (the sйrьlйs termйszetйt megбllapнthassбk, or mбs betegsйg meglйtйt kizбrhassбk) йs legalбbb so alapvetх the szьlхk egyьttmыkцdйse the No doubt: the best educator and doctor doesn't have as many developers as the relatives who care for the child - most often the mother. The 24 уrбja vбltozatos fejlesztйsi lehetхsйgeket kнnбl if the child szьlх share the tasks megbeszйl with everything from tevйkenysйg tervezйsйtхl the vйgrehajtбsig - hangsъlyozta Szхke gyуgypedagуgus Rita, who was csecsemхkorban elхfordulу mentбlis gondokrуl, intх jelekrхl the szьlхk tennivalуirуl kйrdeztьnk.

"Is there anything wrong?"

There is no parent who has any doubts, worries about whether or not your newborn is healthy, whether he or she is developing, or that everything is okay. These sensations are completely natural. However, it is unfortunate for a baby to discuss their experiences with each other, and most importantly, to compare the numbers of children 's development that can be measured in numerical terms to "about eight months of the year." Such play-by-play comparisons between neighbors only lead to unnecessary angry anxiety. Each child is on a unique developmental path, it doesn't matter how much he or she has begun to lean over a few months, how old he or she has begun to sleep, or just how old he or she has become clean.Although these are important, development, and there is virtually no benchmark "requirement" for what stage of life you should "know". In addition to the stages of physical and movement development, the development of games, speech, and cognitive activity are equally important. Weight gain can be reassuring, but it does not give you an answer on how your little self changes, how it relates to the world, how it responds to different stimuli, and how it communicates with your caregiver. The mother has many opportunities to observe the baby during the day care of the infant, to observe the calming signs of the baby's development, or, if not, to seek professional help in time.

What should we pay attention to?

Infant sensory development and familiarity with the world has been ongoing since birth. Therefore, from the outset, one must pay attention to whether the small responds to different effects, for example, if you hear a noise, the sound will turn its head, or it will frighten you. Does she "know" her mother, that is, if she hears her voice, sees her face, smells like it.

Let's play smart with the baby!

Do you give signs or answers when they start playing with it? If you tick, kiss your soles, does it indicate whether you like it or just do not want to continue? In his own way, the youngest baby can communicate as well: giggle, goggly, smile when he likes someone, and snarl, collapses, shakes his leg when disturbed by a stimulus. There are also countless ways to make sure your baby is in the baby, whether he or she has purposeful movements on the baby, for example, stopping a routine activity may indicate an interest, for example, if you are in a blowjob or cum shot. However, this observation does not have to be a daunting task for parents, on the contrary, the wonderful process of "discovering", getting to know the child, establishing an intimate relationship between the parents and the child is the most fun game!

Games - Resources and Learning

Is it possible to play with a little baby who is a month old? Whatever! And you don't need to do that for expensive stuff, either. Of course, games have to adapt to the infant's level of development, to know which part of the body they are, which slice they discover in the world. When mom sees her little hand, Colorful or figurative wash gloves on the house will give you a small new stimulus, as well as a touch of sight. Or, when you discover your voice, you can chime in, prints, and you can add sounds to your games. Usually, the games that work on multiple senses at the same time are the best, so the more stimuli a baby can get. Let's let you get to know the world; Occasionally a handy, spoonful of wooden spoons can be good to play with, hands, lips, senses. At a very young age, the "kelp" figure, the "beige" balls, the black and white. The more space the child has, the better (for example, on the carpet). Instead of putting the game in your hand, it's a little further away that you have to hand it over. Even the simplest games can perfectly match your purpose. Soap bubbles, for example, are great games: as your mother heads, your colors change, popping sound words can be used, and when you touch a small hand, you feel cool, that is, at the same time. Colorful cloths or even a blanket are also the exception for "popcorn". In general, any game you have played so far, occupation is appropriate if you play it more consciously. This means waiting for and responding to the child's reaction!

Instead of giggling

Talk to the baby because even if he or she cannot answer, he or she must be able to communicate with him or her all the time. Slowly, simple sentences are worth talking to, and gestures and mimics play a big role. Involve in common activity, always tell us what is happening or what is coming next. The shorter the sentences, the better. For example, a child of one year old should not say, "Let's go down to the playground, because today Pistike will be back with the ball he used to play so much," but rather, "Let's go to the playground." and the ball, which you can help yourself find and put into a bag when you were a little bigger. In such cases, wait for the response to give feedback, and make the communication cheap. It is a common mistake for adults to talk about themselves in a third person, although they should naturally come to it with the help of their own names rather than the "mom-assisted" form.

Inth signs

The constant presence of the baby-mom provides an opportunity for important observations. Rita Székke asked us what signs to look out for. You should see a doctor soon if your baby's behavior changes suddenly, if he or she is showing signs of regression, so he's not doing something he has done so far. It can be something even tiny: for example, it hasn't smiled back at the mother of her leaning for a while. There may be a sign of a sudden change in illness, so it is advisable to show your pediatrician if he / she will seek the help of a pediatric neurologist if necessary. Rather than being referred to a specialist, it is unnecessary to examine it, not only symptoms of illness but also signs of slowness of development in infant behavior. You should also be aware of the lack of activities suggestive of smooth, healthy nervous system development. For example, the little one repeatedly does not give feedback on a stimulus, sound effect, touch, light, or if it is not possible to notice that something is permanently distracting. Sometimes you have a short motivation to give up, you give up quickly, if you don't hit a game, you don't have to think about it, and then your attention turns. A Healthy Baby "Fights": If you push the game of interest, retrieve it, try to touch it with your hands, mouth, rotate, scratch it, try to make it look good. such as stacking, collecting, throwing up games. The lower self, the ability to endure play, is based on infant interest in the world surrounding the five. Of course, this requires parents to take the time to pay little attention to the small, consciously helping them to get to know the world. Don't worry about having to walk twice in the stroller twice a day! Fresh air, sleep is important, but it does not substitute for a real job with a young child - Rita Szõke, a pediatrician, called attention.They may also be interested in:
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