We play, we play, we cook

Excessively stimulating environments can adversely affect a child's ability to focus. By the time he thinks about something, something flash is diverting his attention. This is especially common in high-visibility preschool groups.

At home, back-to-back television, a screen of constantly stupid glasses, is six disturbing. How would you remember saying, singing, if the sound was disturbed anyway? Let's take care of that always have at least one calm, quiet hour of the day, when you can talk, scribble, plasticize, look at a book, play, or just be alone. A great time for this is cooking with a hot pot.
  • Ask them to fill the spilled spicy glass with the help of a small spoon. Let's make sure that the missed dose can be restored. Can you put baby bills out of the bag in the box so they don't collapse?

  • Let us chop the herbs, chop the garlic and peel the boiled potatoes. Praise you for performing these tasks carefully.

  • Let's use the kitchen balance together! Let's try what's harder, what's easier. Before you do it, munch it in your hands and then make sure you have the real weight.

  • You can squeeze the small seeds out of the sourdough base into a tender base. Once you are done, you can send out the image.

  • Ask us in the middle if you remember what we cooked the day before and we all got into the pots! So they learn to cook unconsciously and watch the kids…
  • Fuchsian with mother

    The little kid always after her mother, and always wants to be involved in adult activities. This is often embarrassing, delaying our work, and sending the little one away. What we surely cannot do with "help" is to put it aside and try to incorporate it into the rest of our house. Leaning on the chair, they can scrub up the grass, chop it up, and swirl it in small toes.

    Children enjoy cooking together

    We can also create a special cooking corner for him: an old stove can be transformed into a stove with some imagination, plastic bowls, cutlery, wooden spoon, sinker, small children. You can also use a plastic knife to cut a few rips, potatoes, apple pieces, bananas. You can "eat fruit" with babies and teddy bears, and cook your mixed vegetables with the real ones.
    You should definitely eat the cuisine if you are looking for your own snack in the middle - it is worth trying out with the right meals. A little more smudging comes when you can cook "soup" for your little one: put your dishes outside, water, flour, cocoa powder, red pepper, roast - and then mix and garnish. However, my greatest pleasure is when we cook for a meal and give it a little edgy toast on its board.
    Let's make pretzels, toasts, shoes, snails, buttons and say a sentence. We can make great biscuits with jerky molds. Add sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds to the pan. Let's eliminate the gems. If you do not cook a real meal, you can cook baby meal baby cookies (a mug, a bowl of flour, a little water) from plasticine.
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