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10 Annoying Things Your Parent Should Have During Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, most women wear gray eyeglasses - complain a lot - head over there, head over there. The positives are drastically low. The biggest complaint is that the males are necked. Not to mention annoying habits.

How does a man get pregnant?

When we are expecting a baby, it is difficult to look at ourselves directly. We often don't realize how much annoying things we say or do. If we have a well-rounded companion, he will take the obstacles smoothly and empathize with them, or at least turn a blind eye to them. So thank you for it. It's not easy for her either.

At least fifty times we are reminded of pregnancy in one day

The favorite topic is pregnancy, starting with two rounds of pregnancy test. There are many more things that go wrong with pregnancy, our condition, than it would be "justified". Or at least, as our loved one really wants to hear.

What was good in the apartment so far is not

The furniture arrangement is not good. The color of the wall is dirty. Things are missing out on me ... The finishing touches are able to get women to do amazing things.


As the tummy grows, so does the need for more space in the bed. If we also use breastfeeding pads to increase the comfort of sleep, the love of our lives will be reduced.


In fact, it would be possible to rake up the contents of two wardrobes. Our favorite piece of clothing is our jacket. We'll give it back. If it doesn't work for us by then.

More massage than yes star

A little foot massage would be so good! Our waist is cool too. Not to mention our neck. One can come every day. Lйgyszi.

You should visit it more often

It was a mistake for our couple to buy one day ago, and we are sure that after a meal that is not at home, we will be saddened. And I should. Immediately. We'll be crumbling in the open.

We keep the fridge and the kitchen around the kitchen

There's always something to eat. Almost уrбnkйnt. It would be easier to bring the bed into the kitchen, but seriously.

Let's take us everywhere

With such a tummy, you're really unable to drive. And our reflexes are catastrophic. "Can you take me to work?" "And the store?" "To the hairdresser?" "Anyбmhoz?"

Unpredictable, mood swings

Living with a pregnant woman is like sitting on top of the world's roughest coaster. It's worth hanging on.

There's no crying about something

How come this cartoon isn't touched? But! We can completely forget Hurradu, Fuchus, because there is not as much drama on the ground as it burns up here. Hypersensitivity, we love you so much.The following articles are also related to this topic:
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