Breastfeeding mothers may remain malnourished

Another positive effect of breastfeeding is confirmed by a recent study, which found that mothers who breastfeed for at least half a year to ten years are less likely to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding mothers may remain malnourishedBreastfeeding has many long-term positive effects, but now a new study has found another benefit. The study, published in the Journal of Women 's Health, suggests that those who breastfeed their babies for at least half a year have less than 3.5 centimeters less weaning than those who are six months older than M index.In 678 women participated in the research, 7-15 years after birth. The Pittsburgh йs elemeztйk contact kutatуi tanulmбnyukban the University of Michigan in anyбk sajбt szoptatбs hosszъsбga of kцzlйse йs waist kцrfogata kцzцtt.Az eredmйnyeket anyбk of age, race йs ethnic hovatartozбsa possible komplikбciуja the vбrandуssбguk the tбrsadalmi-gazdasбgi position йs egйszsйges йletmуd- factors are also estimated. According to the study, mothers need to consume 500 plus calories a day after breastfeeding. Considering the length of breastfeeding can be an important contributor to long-term cardiovascular and digestive health study in mothers.
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