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That's how a mother explained her utter power

Words really matter. Once you say them, you can't read them back. Every parent strives to bring their children to the beautiful and the sea, to respect and not to harm others.

What did you advise your child to do when starting school?

Amy Beth Gardnerhas about 14,000 followers on Facebook, we can learn a lot about parenting. She shared with her readers the extraordinary trivia she had created before she started school, "Amy begins tomorrow in high school." "We trimmed her wardrobe, bought her a new uniform, and surprised her with a new wardrobe. But in the evening, he was given a pre-school assignment before going to bed. I gave him a tube of toothpaste and told him to squeeze the whole thing to one side. After he finished, I asked him to put all the toothpaste back in the tube. He began to explain, "But I don't know, I'm sick of it. It won't be like it was before." While I was waiting to finish, I told him the following: You will remember this toothpaste-filled dish all your life. Your words have tremendous power. Now that you are in high school, you need to know the weight of what you say. But you also have the opportunity to use your words to persuade, persecute, inspire, or love others. Sometimes you will make the wrong choice, I have tried to pay no attention to my words three times a week, and have forgiven others. Just like you can't put this toothpaste back in the tube, yeah you cannot even utter your spoken words back into your mouth.Be careful with your words. If others come back with their words, you will still protect yours. Your words can be lifesavers. Start each morning by reminding yourself to do so. Save lives with your words at school. Be gentle and sympathetic. The world needs this. Believe me, if you treat people kindly, you will never, but never regret it. "What would you do with your baby if you started school now?
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