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High prolactin levels can also cause pregnancy difficulties

Prolactin is one of our most important hormones, responsible primarily for milk selection and support for pregnancy.

High prolactin levels can also cause pregnancy difficulties

Although it is always produced in small quantities, but if it is too high during pregnancy or without breastfeeding, it may indicate a problem, it can also prevent pregnancy. What you should know about prolactin and its overproduction, arrуl dr. Lldrin Ildikut, the Center for Nursing has been asked about Nursing Endocrinology.

Role of prolactin, increased value

The role of the prolactin hormone produced by the pituitary gland in humans is still not fully understood, but certainly milk selection is required to get started or teherbeesйs It also has important functions. The level of these conditions is significantly elevated, but in other cases it is present only to a minimal extent in both women and men. , such as pancreatic cancer (prolactinoma), thyroid disorder, PCOS or Cushing's disease. Apart from this, he is also taking numerous medicines can increase hormone levels, it is important to clarify what medications your patient is taking.Prolactin levels simple bloodshed can be checked, but it's important to know how much of it is fluctuating in the sun, so keep this in mind when testing your blood. In some cases, however, it may happen that the problem resolves spontaneously - it is worthwhile to repeat the exam after a while!Symptoms of high prolactin levels:
- Cramping without breastfeeding / pregnancy
- Milky cramping, enlarged breasts
- menstrual disorders
- fradradon

BPA and prolactin

Research has shown that it has been used in plastics production It is effective at BPA level prolactin levels. The Kharrazian study showed that when BPA is released, it can accumulate in some of our organs and either elicit a yeast immune response or influence the higher levels of prolactin that can be released from the hormone system.

It can also cause heavy loads

If someone is struggling with getting pregnant, You should check your prolactin levels, because if its value rises, it greatly worsens the chances. Namely, one of the functions of the hormone is to prevent ovarian rupture and pregnancy during pregnancy / breastfeeding (this is the reason why there is minimal chance of getting pregnant during breastfeeding). because this also requires that the basic problem be addressed in order to normalize the values. It is also important also reducing stressand medical advice may also be required. If it is caused by a cancer of the pituitary gland, surgery may be warranted.
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