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Donation campaign launched for premature baby

After 3 years and more than tens of thousands of years of research, Pampers has developed the Pampers Preemie Protection Diaper, the smallest weight under 800 grams, in collaboration with the Polycons of the PICs.

Donation campaign launched for premature babyThe Special Early Diapers offer a long term and national donation program from spring to August, with a significant burden on the parents and children during this year. 8000-9000 means premature babies. Many people begin life in an early-child intensive care unit (PIC). In spite of the early developments in the field of early childhood development, there is still work to be done in the field of prevention, hospital care and aftercare in our country. That is why Pampers is starting to be a long-term one Jumpstart, in which the prehistoric departments of domestic hospitals with a special diaper developed for premature babies It is necessary to take care of your baby for a very short time. It is necessary to have at least two poles for a comfortable and safe changing of your baby's diaper, so you need to take care of your hand for up to 5-10 minutes. Loving touch is important for all babies, but for premature babies, it is essential for health and development."Pampers' main goal is to maximize the healthy development of babies. In cooperation with the Perinatal Intensive Centers, Pampers has babies weighing less than 800 grams do not have the right size diapers on the market, so we immediately decided to develop a unique product for the smallest baby. - He told Balogh-Simon Zsufia, P&G Babysitter Manager. - We were the first global diaper company to make diapers specifically for premature babies. The new Pampers Preemie Protection diapers are designed to minimize the amount of sleep, development and medical care available to premature babies. Our early diapers are not available in retail. Our goal is to bring the hospital to the premature classes donated products especially for affected babies and parents. " vezetх koraszьlцtt-ъjszьlцtt intenzнv ellбtбst biztosнtу osztбlya wherein йvente akбr 500 koraszьlцtt ellбtбsa tцrtйnik who kцzьl tцbb than 100 people mйg 1500 grammnбl smaller szьletйsi sъlyъak. of sound medical ellбtбsnak йs бpolбsnak kцszцnhetхen you have already 400 grammnбl smaller koraszьlцtteknek also have the esйlyьk, so that they can return home as a whole.

Now anyone can help! The Early Childhood Home Association can now be supported by anyone in the world by sharing a photo: everything you own or the official Pampers facebook page from baby to baby

"Extremely immature premature babies show great variability in body size and their variation within even a few days special nursing supplies they also apply the need, "he saidDr. Kocsis Istvn Associate Professor, Chief Medical Officer, PIC Department Head. - However, commercially available supplies often fail to meet their needs due to their size, and in many cases their design does not meet the requirements. It is especially gratifying that P&G has taken on the task of keeping the baby in the best possible condition and keeping the usual quality the Early Childhood Education Association (KORE), one of the most prominent nonprofit organizations supporting early babies and their parents. Its main purpose is to assist families affected by premature birth, primarily through the provision of information and the power of community. Pampers has therefore teamed up with Rossmann, and in all the co-operation since early April, each Pampers diaper available at Rossmann will have a 1% increase in product weight, and Rossmann will produce a total of one product."Our priority is to emphasize the importance of early development, to discriminate against disadvantages and to combat social exclusion, and, not least, to support older classes with the use of clothing and textiles. Zsuzsanna Nagy of Fld, president of the Association. - We are very proud of P&G and Rossmann's Common Initiative, and we know that with the help of a single donation, many mothers and older babies can make life safer and more important. its involvement in social affairs as well. - he said Kadlok Nelli, PR Manager at Rossmann. - Rossmann is aiming to CSR with action provide values, knowledge, information that have a long-term impact on society or the quality of life of a part of social groups. We are delighted to be joining the Pampers Initiative and are confident that we can provide the most effective and necessary support for older babies who need much. "

The unique needs of premature babies and Pampers Preemie Protection

Premature babies, because of their sensitive skin, can only come in contact with the softest, finest materials. Pampers has designed a unique diaper that delivers extra softness for the tiniest, most vulnerable baby. The Pampers Preemie Protection diaper P-3 is designed to enhance the comfort of premature babies, to aid sleep and proper posture, and to facilitate medical and nursing activities.
  • The elastic material gently encircles the lines of the baby's body, though maximum fit sure, even with the incubator's life-saving tubes and probes, so that the overtime diaper does not need to be customized to the size of the baby by avoiding instruments.
  • Flexible edges maximum comfort they provide, holding the baby's delicate feet tightly closed.
  • 34% narrower design allows infants position of the hips and toes And development.
  • Provides a uniform moisture layer and the same finish before and after use in any position.
  • The AbsorbAwayLiner specialty biels guides the baby's skin from moisture.
  • Surveys conducted around the womb show that the diapers available for premature babies were too wide, did not fit perfectly into the body of the baby, and thus fit into the body of the baby.
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