Nutrition may cause your baby loan to fail

The need for baby-friendly loans is that they are baby boomers who may just be pregnant during pregnancy. Banks, however, do not recognize banks as income.

And if you don't count on income, you may fall for the claim, or it may go for less than the claimants would have liked. And there are some who are denied that they have their first income - the 24th has picked up the problems.Nutrition may cause your baby loan to fail The page shared a reader's story that shows banks were not counted as income for income, although it is not uncommon for pregnant women to be pregnant - for example. because she is a pregnant woman - when she applies for a loan. It's like being a better paymaster. András Valkou, a specialist at the Babavabu Facebook group, said that everything depends on the banks, the decision is in their hands.
Nor do you prefer borrowing money for your childbirth, nor does it seem like the banks have made this rule, And UniCredit, which are already accepting payroll income as income. Others have not really adapted to what kind of target group they want their new baby-friendly credit to be. And there is a bank that counts income for children after 100 percent instead of 100 percent. It seems very likely that there is no one-size-fits-all practice. The magazine also asked the expert how it is possible for banks to reject a claim that they have the income they have. Someone stressed that the JTM, meaning the earned income for the repayment, is only a ceiling that should be applied to all loans (above $ 200,000). Over the years, mortgage loans have become differentiated, aiming to divert the population from fixed-rate mortgage loans. The income threshold has also changed from 400,000 forints to 500,000. The bank has decided that it is not common for those who want a baby to receive the maximum baby weight. Typically, for smaller certified bars (200,000 forints / family), you should not enter 10 million forints. Occasionally, with a slight slip, you can only pay off your existing loans or run out of credit, which banks consider risky.
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  • Baby loan is another type of loan you can take out with a loan
  • You can cancel your baby loan loan from your credit card