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Every 4th child completes elementary school with an illiterate background

Employers would like to see school attendance again at age 18 and to complete the elementary school exam because one in four children is out of school for functional illiteracy.

A quarter of children are functional illiteratesThe Hrrady of RTL reported that according to the Employers' Association, a quarter of children start high school by functional illiteracy. Functional illiteracy does not mean that you cannot read and write at all, but that level of writing, reading (text translation) does not reach that lineto enable the processing of new information. It also adversely affects personal development, problem-solving ability.As a result, the employer association calls on the government to resume schooling in view of the scary phenomenon and trend.Gablini Gbor, Vice-President of the National Federation of Employers and Craftsmen, told RTL that they should not let children drop out when labor shortages hit historical records, ranging from 40 to 50 thousand every year.