Help the rescuers on the road!

Between thirty million cases of rescuers per year, there is also a need for a real life rescue, which means that every minute, every second, matters.

Let's help the rescuers!A very bleeding bruised man can lose up to 5-8 dl of blood every minute, and in the case of a heart failure, the chance of a successful re-activation may be reduced by 10% per minute. It's a vital task for emergency responders to get there quicklyhowever, this can often be made difficult by careless people, pedestrians.We can lose minutes if the car is not in front of the ambulance, it means that when the ambulance car or pedestrian.The National Ambulance Service has decided to use creative videos to call attention to situations that make it difficult for ambulance workers and the right thing to do, because what people do is pay attention.
  • MentŃ…ket! Immediately!
  • They had alarms for abdominal pain and became a baby
  • They received a new ambulance, and inaugurated with birth