Here's the first cool baby car!

The breath jumps out of its shoulder, and reduces the child's neck power by turning it upside down. Hopefully this new security "feature" will be the basic one soon!

Built-in Breath in Child AuthenticationFrom foot support and anti-rebound support to the most comfortable and up to date, there has been a slew of light bulbs about the innovation of childhood autism. And the latest upgrade is nothing more than a built-in flame. The latest model from Maxi-Cosi Autonomous Company, the AxissFix Air, has a CO2 cartridge in its back, Activated in 0.05 seconds In the event of a collision. THE flames leap out of the shifts, which Reduces 55-percent force on the neck and head of a child with frontal collapse.The model was first presented at the Kind + Jugend International Expo in September 2017, where it also awarded a prize in the "World of Traveling Kids" category. And we are now able to achieve it across Britain. "We are convinced that autosupplied autos will be the new norm in child safety innovations," he said. Jean-Claude Jacomin the president and CEO of Maxi-Cosi, Dorel Juvenile, and a CEO in a press release. activates in one second (source of article)Related articles in the Authors topic:
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