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Physical Flame Retardant

Fever is the most common symptom of childhood illness, a defensive reaction in the body. Persistent high fever is very demanding on the body and can even lead to life-threatening seizures. Fever should be relieved as soon as the doctor arrives!

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38-39 ° C fever
39-40.5 ° C high fever
40.5 ° C very high fever
In addition to drug-induced flushing, physical flushing (cooling, showering, stomach or body puffing) is very old, practically devoid of side effects microscopic methods. Physical cushioning is used to reduce body temperature above 38 ° C on its own, or as a drug cure supplement, even without a medical prescription.

General Information:

  • The child with fever should never be left alone and the temperature checked again.
  • Do not open a window during physical cushioning!
  • Foamy children should not be covered with a blanket or a thick blanket, as heatpoxing may occur.
  • The child should often be flushed with a small amount of lukewarm fluids (1-2 sips of tea, lemonade at a time).

Cooling method: Fever in the eardrum
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Prepare a pleasant bathwater for the child, add to it and gradually cool to 29-31 ° C. (Lukewarm). THE hыtйst Make sure that cold water is poured from the jug, very slowly flowing water, into the bathtub at the very end of the bath, and it is constantly mixed. It is more effective if the child is touched with water and watered continuously with mixed water.

The procedure for a body or body seal is the following:

In case of 38.5-39 ° C bulk compression, above 39 ° C full body compression is recommended. We apply water - room temperature - to the whole chest (the body and the limbs) from the back of the child's chest, the head of the head except for the head and the limbs. testhхmйrsйklet. It is advisable to apply a dry lint-free cloth to the bedding to ensure that the bedding is not wet when applied to the sheet underneath (nylon).
The wrists and ankles are just plain borogatбsбval it is not possible to achieve a satisfactory antipyretic effect, therefore this method should not be used.