Things to do with the preservation of the umbilical cord stem cells

Leaving the cord is simple, risk-free, and not dangerous to either the newborn or the mother. Collection can be done routinely in minutes. The following are the steps for the letter and storage of the cord.

  1. Obtaining information
    Almost the most important step is the first one that helps you make the decision to thoroughly save on the Internet and on your phone regarding the cost of keeping a cord. The service can be requested at any time until the birth of the baby.
  2. The contract
    rйszleteket szolgбltatбssal on the felelхssйgvбllalбs kйrdйseit tartalmazу szerzхdйsmintбt the vбlasztott kцldцkzsinуrvйr-хssejtbank honlapjбrуl also letцltheti or kйrheti phone, and in-depth бttanulmбnyozбsa and garanciбk ellenхrzйse йs the kйrdйseinek megvбlaszolбsa utбn megkцthetik the szerzхdйst. The service is usually contracted out by the contractor at a personal meeting. In the event that you do not require detailed information from within your personal meeting, you can conveniently access the service from the Internet, from your home.
  3. A obstetrician or a nurse
    You should also consult your physician or birth, and be sure to discuss with your doctor that you would like to have the cord removed at birth, because you are planning to have it removed.
  4. Kit required for mailing
    At the time of contract, you will receive the sample kits needed to send a letter to the Cordial Learner. As soon as you receive it, get it ready to be taken to the hospital with you in your pack. The sampling kit includes everything for your field doctor to take the field cord. The most important accessories include a sterile blood pouch, and two battery packs that provide the optimum constant temperature, regardless of the outside temperature. The donor blood pouch contains sufficient quantities of anticoagulant and special materials to ensure the quality of the stem cells. Also included in the package is an accurate description of the flow of the letter to the doctor who performed the blood letter.
  5. Szьlйskor
    Once again, it is important to emphasize that you take the sample kit with you when you go to the hospital before birth, and immediately inform your doctor about your letter intent and give it to you.
  6. Elхkйszнtйs
    Once in the living room, you once again clarify whether or not all terms and conditions have been added to the field cord letter. They will be the ones who will finish the mail in the end. It is conceivable that, in spite of all the preliminary plans, another will eventually conduct the birth, or, in the event of any unexpected birth event, it will be the sole discretion of the physician to decide whether or not to have the cord. Always with the newborn and the mother in mind, and only with uncomplicated births, the only way to reach the blood. In addition to natural birth through the birth canal, cesarean and twin birth can be done in the form of a letterbreeding.
  7. After the birth
    After your child is born and exposes the cord, the letter is only released from the cord section, which is still linked to the lure. It is recommended that you remove the genealogist at this time. Alternatively, after the birth of the inborn, it is possible to carry out the collection of the field, but this is always the decision of the obstetrician, according to the procedure of the birth. In either case, the operation is completely painless for the child and does not affect the practice of placing the newborn in the hands of her mother, placing her next to her breast or belly. Immediately following the mailing, the 24-hour courier service will be notified immediately at the telephone number provided by the courier bank.
  8. Szбllнtбs
    The Genetic Bank will arrange for a shipment of samples from the hospital to the central processing laboratory within the shortest possible time. Speed ​​and strict adherence to transportation conditions, for example, to ensure the desired temperature is sufficient to keep the stem cells viable. The delivery is just now made for a purpose-built set of constant temperature, which constantly ensures the room temperature is ideal for the genius.
  9. Feldolgozбs
    The giveaway will be processed after sterile conditions at the latest after entering the bank, within 48 urns. The laboratory will immediately stop the professional processing of the sample; extracellular stem cells are obtained from cultured stem cells in the culture of transplantation-valuable cells, and the variety of stem cells to be retained is now optimally assured. The resulting cell mass is prepared for deep freezing.
  10. Deep freeze for twenty years
    Only internationally qualified geneticists can be stored. Processed and stored at -196 degrees Celsius is known to preserve viability and implantation for virtually indefinitely for decades.
  11. Confirmation of storage
    After storing the sample, we issue a certificate that certifies that the stem cells are stored. This usually takes 2-3 months after birth. The certificate contains the code numbers and data on which the use of the stem cells can be based.

  12. Recall of the stem cell sample
    In the case of the use of stem cells, the bank will arrange for the transfer of the stem cell sample to the place of transplantation within the borders of the European Union.