Krupp: What can we give the child and what not?

Symptoms of krupp usually appear at night, at dawn, causing alarm both in the child and in the parents. The most important thing is to keep calm, soothe the child, and soothe the symptoms.

"The appearance of krupp's symptoms can be frightening for both parents and children, since it is mostly complete, suddenly developing. says dr. Rita Göndöcs, the Children's Hospital of Svabhegy. THE it is always advisable to take the croup to the pediatrician, severe, no improvement in symptoms, in the event of difficulty in breathing, or when giving birth to a young infant, immediately with the assistance of the ambulance service.Krupp is common in young children The croup is characterized by a dry, barking cough and, at the end, a "stomach bite". This is because, due to virus infection, the tips and mucous membranes of the glans swell, which narrows the lungs, causing breathing difficulties. Because of erхs kцhцgйs hбnyбs also fellйphet, child sбpadt бltalбban, sъlyos case lips kйkesen elszнnezхdhetnek, hъzу belйgzйst йs akбr nehezнtett kilйgzйst, orrszбrnyi lйgzйst lбthatunk, but increased muscle work figyelhetх the bordakцzi muscles behъzуdбsбn, the sternum fцlцtt, йs the diaphragm mentйn well. THE reduces symptoms, if the baby is placed in front of a bathtub with an open window or refrigerator, or in the bathroom, with a cold water tap open. Cold and damp reduces swelling of the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane and eases breathing. The use of cold-blooded drugs also helps to reduce symptoms. In the case of Krupp steaming hot steam is by no means recommended! Antihistamines are not recommended (or only under close medical supervision). The pediatrician will prescribe a steroidal inhalation medication or prescription for croup. It is strictly forbidden to give crippled children a sedative or a sedative containing sedation, as it may inhibit the center of activity of the focal point! Because the disease is of viral origin, antibiotics are only needed in the very rare case of bacterial infections.You may also be interested in:
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