We wish you a healthy asthma!

In an unpredictable November time, it is better to pre-empt ourselves against illness. How? We're here to help!

We need to keep an eye on our health this fall!

It is often cold, the time turns to chills, and then again the viruses are backingwhich can easily cause colds, sore throats, cold sores. Luckily, we can get rid of it with a couple of days of coughing and a mild fever, but it can happen that the bacteria become infected with the disease and then only the antibiotics they can help and come on an uncomfortable cake with long medication.Dr. Németh Anita have we asked a home pediatrician how to prevent illness and how to protect ourselves and our family from the inconveniences of winter men?

One, two, get ready…

According to the doctor, the most important thing is to consciously prepare our body for the cold months and strengthen our immune system. Let's continue a healthy lifestyle: prepare foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, organize outdoor, athletic programs, and ensure that every member of the family has adequate amounts of vitamins. Of course, natural vitamins and antioxidant concentrates derived from fruits are better than synthetic vitamins. In drugstores, organic stores you can get 100% natural fruit concentrates and marmalades, which, although they are peppery, but need only a teaspoonful per day, so many are sufficient.

Of course!

Selected Immune Booster a csipkebogyу which, in addition to being very healthy, is rich in natural vitamin C. The most effective way to use it is to make tea from it. Sprinkle freshly purchased or picked fruit overnight in cold water, then strain it in the morning and taste it with honey! So, we can sip a heavenly, green vitamin bomb. The other, "tuning" plant, the homoktцvis. The fruit of the herb is an extremely rich source of vitamin C - experts say it contains ten times as much as lemon. It is also rich in countless trace elements and vitamins - E, B, K -. Applying internal currency is probably not widespread because it has a slightly bitter taste, although its immune-boosting effect is almost unimaginable. You can buy it in jams, syrups, liqueurs in bio stores or drug stores. If the child is too small to suck the balls safely, then a little spoonful of water dissolved in a spoonful of plastic can give it a good time. The doctor also recommends three drugs that can be taken completely overnight. It is advisable to consult your home doctor, a homeopathic specialist, or a qualified pharmacist about dosage.

If you have a problem…

However, even your greatest cautionary guardian can be sick. In such cases, we may try to remedy our condition at home. We can take it for example propolis-containing formulations - in tablet, solution or propolis water form. Propolis is preferred by bees and should be used to coat the hood with this material because of its excellent disinfectant effect. In the human body, its effect is in competition with antibiotics, against strong bacteria, viruses and fungi. anti-inflammatory effect.You can also use grapefruit seed drops. This natural agent not only moves the immune system, but is also effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and single-celled parasites, with the essential property of not being beneficial to bacterial bacteria. However, if you have persistently high fever (more than 38 degrees Celsius more days), and if persistent cough does not want to go away, you should definitely seek medical attention. And don't forget, it is much easier to prevent than to remedy the problem!
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