Vitamin deficiency can also cause fatigue

Vitamin B12 - also known as cobalamin - plays an important role in our body's many biochemical processes, for example, affecting our blood count, our nervous system, and also our health on the spinal cord.

Vitamin deficiency can also cause fatigue (photo: iStock)Few people know that if vitamin B12 levels are inadequate in our body, a specific, severe form of anemia can develop megaloblastic anemia. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue, Also with Alzheimer's. Your nervous system may have an effect on you. funikulбris mielуzis (the gerincvelх lassъ lefolyбsъ betegsйge) but the kбrosodhatnak vйgtagokban talбlhatу the perifйriбs nerves йs the kцzponti is.A megaloblastic anйmia nervous system, i.e. the nagymйretы vцrцs vйrtestes vйrszegйnysйg with one of the formбja vйszes vйrszegйnysйg, one of the most common szцvхdmйnye B12 vitaminhiбnynak . The diabetes patient should fordнtaniuk the hiбny megelхzйsйre a lot of attention because of the B12 vitaminhiбny tovбbb nцvelheti elхfordulу the diabйtesz szцvхdmйnyekйnt also neuropathy valуszнnыsйgйt, йs tovбbb worsen the veseelйgtelensйgben szenvedх patients vйrkйpйt.Egйszsйges felnхttek termйszetes szбmбra tбpanyagokbуl 3 micrograms per day of vitamin B12 can enter elйgsйges. Its primary sources are meat, liver, fish, eggs and dairy products. Deficiency can be a common cause of one-sided diet for vegetarian, vegetarian or other reasons. Certain diseases, medications and surgical procedures, or advanced age, can cause confusion. Numerous stomach ailments can lead to this, for example, if for some reason the patient's stomach, bowel system is lost, but pancreatitis, Crohn's disease, and certain B12 parasites can also be reduced. In addition, stomach acid depletion and one of the most important drugs for diabetes can cause vitamin B12 deficiency. can lead to serious illness. Ezйrt ajбnlhatу szыrхvizsgбlat the patients in the high-kockбzatъ: gastro-mыtйten бtesetteknek vйkonybйl or extensive, gyulladбsos bйlbetegsйgben szenvedхknek. Diabetics, gyomorsavcsцkkentхt szedхknek. Vegetбriбnus / vegбn йtrendet kцvetхknek йs the 75 йvesnйl idхsebbeknek.Mйg rйgiуkban also be developed in four people B12 akбr vitamin deficiency, but in backward areas it can affect up to 60-80% - mainly due to one-sided nutrition. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly are also at risk. So far, this has only been possible under clinical circumstances, with medical assistance in the form of injection injection. It has been available in tablet form for many years now, with a high dose of drug-grade vitamin B12. Its effect is equivalent to injectable treatment, it is easy to take and one tablet per day to fill up the deficiency. "he stressed dr. Kabaard Йva, Managing Director of Wцrwag Pharma, a medicine that is not available on the market. "There is no need for hospital medical conditions for our oral, prescription-free medication."
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