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Chocolate is good for coughing

The substance in the cocoa, called theobromine, may provide a solution to the cough suppression request.

British scientists say that chocolate will soon be an effective anti-cough remedy, the BBC said.
It is estimated that 7.5 million people in the United Kingdom suffer from persistent cough for two weeks a week. Currently, cough suppressants on the market are opiate-based, and one of the most popular constituents (codeine) is the narcotic drug.
However, the substance in the cocoa called theobromine can be a solution to the problem, as it can also be used to relieve morbid coughing in children without the risk of active ingredients.
According to experts, the drug may be on the market for up to two years, and the drug is currently in the final stages of clinical testing.

Are you good for chocolate cough suppression?