Instrumental learning improves the brain's audio-motor connections

Researchers at Jaume University and McGill University in Canada, in their research on Cerebral Cortex, have reported that anyone who plays an instrument improves their hearing system and motor skills.

Instrumental learning develops the brain

Experts wanted to find out how brain functions and structures can be altered in learning. While most people have the ability to listen to music and dance or sing at the same time, professional instrumental music is a complex task that combines both the sound of the hand and the auditory system and the motor system. .The study included 34 individuals, 17 of whom were official musicians, 17 of whom were in compulsory school education, and all were examined by MRI. The results showed that the effect of music training on the right brain is enhanced by audio-motor interaction, that is, if one learns to play an instrument over the years, more effective connections are made to the hearing system and motor system. It also turned out that those who played a two-handed instrument were better able to use their hands independently of one another, whereas those who were learning a one-handed instrument were not better off than those who did not play the instrument. that the brain is a plastic organ capable of adapting to conditions and that the relationship between individual areas can be flexibly formed.