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Let's freeze their eggs while waiting for the real man

Women in their late thirties always freeze their egg cells for real - quoted a small Belgian study from BBC reports.

Women today have the ability to freeze their ova, even when it is not due to illness.

A large proportion of women are more likely to be true

Julie Nekkebroeck interviewed fifteen women in Belgium about why they decided to freeze their eggs. With this decision, half of the women wanted to take the pressure off of finding the right partner. One-third of the respondents considered freezing as a safety measure, knowing that, in their lack, their eggs were "aging" with their body, and their fertility was decreasing from year to year. The women wanted to give 27 percent a chance to have a real relationship before they could ask for their childhood.
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The women surveyed in Belgium had an average age of 38 years and did not plan to use their frozen eggs until they were 43 years old. They said they were aware before deciding that it was worthwhile to intervene as long as they were healthy and productive. They all had partnerships, and even those who were in a live relationship, but I chose not to find the right man, according to the BBC's report.
The other study described was conducted by Srilatha Gorthi at the Leeds Center of Productivity in England. According to him, this was the first study to examine young women's attitudes towards fertility treatments in this way. About two hundred female students participated in the survey, including medical students. Eighty percent of them chose to freeze their eggs to delay maternity, and half of those who were listening would do so. Young women are the most common cause of career adversity and financial problems.
Fertility experts emphasize: women need to be properly informed about the benefits and risks of freezing their eggs and using them in order to make an informed decision.