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That's how the 21-year-old mother and fetus died in H1N1

The H1N1 virus is very dangerous for pregnant women, and there are still more pregnant mothers. H1N1 caused an extremely aggressive, fast-flowing illness: the doctor, who tried to save her mother and her fetus, told this in detail.

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That's how the 21-year-old mother and fetus died in H1N1

In his own right, he was infectiously infected with H1N1 in the hospital at the age of 21, and died Tuesday morning of a rapid, aggressive influenza infection.
Subject to personal rights, the commissioned physician will take lessons away. There is nothing in the video about horror or blood - because we can hear the shocking story firsthand.

Vaccination against H1N1 produces an appropriate immune response at 80 percent currencies, depending on the actual status of the host organism.
However, if someone is vaccinated 2 weeks after the vaccine is given (so when it does work!), His or her illness will be less severe than if he or she were vaccinated with the H1N1 virus.
The young man who was found dead in the hospital on the eve of vaccination the following weekend, and detected the H1N1 virus, could even have died of a heart disease caused by a new flu! - Specialists called for attention.
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